Racing And Sports - Last 10 Runs
21.422/09/2019MARGNR 65 To 701850mNA P RichardsonFr1$2.2
33.45/09/2019ALPNR 55 to 602138mNM A TenardiSr3$7.0
1123.930/08/2019ALPNR 60 to 702138mNM A TenardiFr5$101.0
610.816/08/2019ALPNR 60 to 702138mNM A TenardiFr4$71.0
722.49/08/2019ALPNR 58 to 651660mNM A TenardiSr1$19.0
723.531/07/2019REDCNR 60 to 641780mNM A TenardiSr1$15.0
116.422/07/2019MARGNR 60 to 741850mNM A TenardiFr4$4.4
46.212/07/2019ALPNR 59 to 631660mNM A TenardiFr1$3.8
1020.615/06/2019ALPC21660mNN M DawsonFr6$23.0
917.68/06/2019NCLEC2 To C31609mNG K ChappleFr1$26.0