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Original Blog Post:

Footy has had oozleloads of dispiriting events, heartbreaking sagas and jaded corporate circle’works’ lately. Watching the repulsive Wayne Carey and the oily Hamish McIntosh ratacheting up smug self satisfied gurning whilst breaking down a game won by the team that ‘managed their rotations off a six day break’ better. No No No Nup


I went to the AFL Women’s opener tonight. Originally planned for the Western Oval tomorrow – (mainly to solve the problem always presented in Pies Blues games…) but expecting a noteworthy crowd and the historic nature of it changed my plans to tonight.

Jeez it was good

There was skill errors, dropped marks, slewed kicks. Yes there was.

Jeez it was good

Being in a heaving electrified Princes Park, watching a tough absorbing contest was such a delight. Watching players that had overcome the perennial barriers of underresourcing, fractured pathways, freely offered discouragements and dinosaur attitudes to put on a contest that captured all of the great elements of our game – was a delight

Bumping into friends, watching the crowd, seeing the genuine enthusiasm people brought tonight. Well…. It was a much needed tonic.

The Blues were good! Cleaner and smarter. A deserved victory. Loved watching Brianna Davey, what a talent

A long long overdue event – but what an entry onto the stage. Well done all.

And on the subject of long overdue, another wrong to right…… someone needs to show Gill a map of Tasmania!

Author: Gattonera
Subject: AFLW

Time: 4/2/2017 12:56:13 AM
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Author: Richard III
Subject: Re: AFLW

Time: 16/2/2017 2:16:14 PM

Blog Reply:

Don’t think I have ever said this before but for once I feel like the AFL has gotten something right for a change

1. Identify an area on the calendar that is a bit of a blank spot and fill it with something the crowd can get enthusiastic about– tennis is finished, and cricket while it has had plenty of success with T20 numbers has dropped the ball with regards to the back end of summer
2. Develop or assist in developing the participants to have the games at a very high standard, and the exciting part is that it will improve – this isn’t just a suburban comp of try hards – these are professional athletes who you can see are taking it very seriously
3. Make it accessible, free entry to the grounds to get people in and add atmosphere.. good work on it getting network coverage
4. To date they haven’t patronised the players as pretty little things playing football – everything has been about the sport and the skills

Will concede that it is early days yet and no doubt the AFL sees an increase in participation rates will lead to an increase in memberships and eyeballs into the sport and ultimately more $$$ but happy to say that the way they are going about it has been really good so far.

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Author: Gattonera
Subject: Re: AFLW

Time: 16/2/2017 12:39:17 AM

Blog Reply:

Some decent chatter here which is always welcome. Lostclarity you must be enjoying watching a sparked Blues side crowning the ladder.

Favourite excerpt from the weekend - The crows are a goal up and a dogged Freo is continually hounding them - they've had 5 minutes to turn it into scoreboard advantage, not to be. One minute left.

A crow pumps it forward and Tayla Harris takes a gun of a pack mark (Wilks mentioned Royce Hart for Brennan - this could work here also) She slots it from range - for the win.

Great drama, great talent. The onfield interview went......good to get the four points.....we thought we could get the job done....tough to win on the road.....can I say Happy Birthday to my Pop, he turns 80 today and I'm missing the party - Happy Birthday Pop....

What more could you want. Do we really have to go back to Sammy Mitchell sniping, Tom Rockliff acting like a primadonna, and Brent goddamn Harvey?

Can this golden summer last forever? Do we really have to go back to school? (Can someone shout me 25c to buy a lemon lime Splice?)

BTW Adelaide for the flag!

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Author: pigracer
Subject: Re: AFLW

Time: 12/2/2017 9:58:37 AM

Blog Reply:

Great post Gatt., Did you run into Khaptingly with his hot date?

I am not a true AFL footyphile but appreciate the game and spectacle. These women are really into it and if advertisers see this it augers well for the future of AFL. Struth those chicks can HIT.Better on the eyes too.

Cheers,The Pig.

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Author: Wilks
Subject: Re: AFLW

Time: 11/2/2017 10:51:01 AM

Blog Reply:


I've been pumped up for the inaugural season after watching the exhibition games of the last couple of years.

I don't mind admitting to a bit of a lump in the throat when the ABC reported that the ground was near full an hour out from the game.

Very happy that Ch 7 came good with FTA telecasts of the 1st game plus the Saturday night games. I was hoping for every game free, but I've relented and got the AFL app to watch the other games.

What has become starkly obvious is while the skill level of the players will only improve, as will the spectacle as the teams refine game style etc, the big take out for me has been how many elite women athletes have so easily adapted (or come back to)playing Footy at a very high standard. Basketballers, netballers, soccer players, cricketers.

I suppose what it tells you is what the ladies have been telling us for years:

Women's sport is full of brilliant athletes, with high levels of dedication, discipline and fine skills as well as great sporting brains. What the difference is, is money. If female sportspeople had (with a few exceptions) the same level of money, science, media coverage and professionalism as men's sport, the joy of spectating either would be exactly the same.

One of the reasons I love Racing is that women have competed with men on the same level, for the same pay and prizemoney for decades, and apart from a few neanderthals, are accepted in the sport as the equal of blokes. Try telling Gai that men are better trainers. If you do, I hope you can fight.

Women's AFL will accelerate the professionalism of other female sporting codes, and I for one, think that's a good thing.

Anyone else see a bit of C. Rioli in young Vescio from Carlton, or does Katie Brennan remind you just a bit of Royce Hart?

All the best.

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Author: tigerrish
Subject: Re: AFLW

Time: 10/2/2017 12:07:25 PM

Blog Reply:

Great post, Gatt.

I watched the Coll/Carl game on TV and you would have thought it was a midseason AFL match such was the crowd noise.

Fantastic idea playing during the mens preseaon. The only problem the AFL, who clearly did not plan for this AFLW comp to be so successful, have now is the womens comp at this time of year could spell the end on the NAB Cup preseason comp.

The fans have spoken with their feet and no doubt they'd prefer to see the womens comp going hard at it than two mens teams half full of rookies playing at a moderate tempo.

After last weekend, I know which game I'd rather watch.

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Author: lostclarity
Subject: Re: AFLW

Time: 4/2/2017 9:04:23 AM

Blog Reply:

Always a delight to read your stuff, mate. The forum is fading away if that misses a star.

MODS: Agreed LC.

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