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Part of the Shannon Story

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Original Blog Post:

Not sure whether I'm allowed to do this.But it's all in the name of promoting racing.

It began on 15 February 1938,a little after sunrise and a little off the Australian coast.Two English Stallions,one bay,the other chestnut,stood in the deep straw of their makeshift stables,clumsy canvas concoctions on the deck of the steamship(Port Auckland).Six weeks at sea,tilting on the skin of the oceans,leaning away from Europe plunging towards war,the horses were restless.But that day the(Port Auckland)slowed to a tired chug,inched into Sydney Harbour.It steamed under the Bridge to Glebe Island,shuddered to Wharf 3,then dropped her moorings and was still.
Crew hurried across the decks,hollering in coarse Cockney accents dry with sea salt.Down on the wharf, a battalion of trucks and hoists waited.The stallions,wide eyed,hot and sweating,were swung over the side onto Australian shores.It was a tick past 8a.m.
No one ,early on that Tuesday morning in 1938 knew the significance of the horses'arrival.They were just imports,two o hundreds that year that scurried away from a burgeoning war.Only later,so many years later,would it be understood.
The horses were Midstream,sire of Shannon,and Emborough,sire of Bernborough.

This was from page 3 "SHANNON" author Jessica Owers.

What a fantastic read about a great horse.


Author: Pot8os
Subject: Part of the Shannon Story

Time: 18/4/2017 7:04:49 PM
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