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Forum - The con of sport in Australia.

The con of sport in Australia.

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Original Blog Post:

Well, personally, I am absolutely wetting myself with excitement waiting for the Everest to be run. AND Im not even a hugely rich breeder, owner, trainer or jockey. Which is really who horseracing is for worldwide.

What a joke the advertising of sport in Australia has become. Gotta luv the footy, gotta luv the races, gotta luv the cricket. AND the biggest yawn of them all was on sunday, the big Bathurst race, which generates millions of dollars into the economy, just like every other sport.

Without sport, Australia would have nothing;just a bridge and a rock. Every sporting event in Australia is marketed as though it was a giant party. Get legless, chase the lose women, who gives a stuff about the races.

Every sport whether it be the junior sport merry go round which we have all experienced, or the womens soccer, womens afl, womens nrl, womens basketball, womens cricket. all of this is just a con, one big con to separate the peons from their hardearned cash.

And we cant even play cricket any more, having to doctor the ball in an attempt to win. And soon we will have the mickey mouse A league starting up...yawn yawn.

Seriously, folks, keep your money in your pocket and go fishing, or read a book, or bake
a cake. Just think, what would Australia be like without sport? Its all we can hang out hat on.

Author: theredbaron
Subject: The con of sport in Australia.

Time: 10/10/2018 2:04:45 PM
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Author: theredbaron
Subject: Re: The con of sport in Australia.

Time: 11/10/2018 5:16:26 PM

Blog Reply:

Well damn..I missed out on a ticket to watch the mens final of the Australian Open Tennis.
Ticket prices range from $305 to $885 and theyre all sold out. Australians must have more money than brains..no wait..just stick it on the plastic..do your bit to bolster the economy and hope that the banks dont go broke.

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Author: theredbaron
Subject: Re: The con of sport in Australia.

Time: 11/10/2018 2:21:57 PM

Blog Reply:

Breaking news...heard on good authority that the next big thing in Australian tennis Nick (The Tank)Kyrgios is not going to tank next week...stayed tuned for further updates..
And yes folks max that plastic on the tennis in January..if your out just get another card...
Spend all your money on sport propping up the economy..
Then theres always the SydneytoHobart Boat race for the rich and famous..
If you cant make it to any of these pristene events, get yourself down to Phillip Island for the bikes, or the Boxing Day Test, or the races...Ya just gotta luv sport..

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Author: Khaptingly
Subject: Re: The con of sport in Australia.

Time: 10/10/2018 9:42:46 PM

Blog Reply:

Gotta luv it alright. As long as you are not depending on the Aussies or barracking for the Aussies, to win.

What a mess this country is in. What a joke Aussie sport and sporting teams are.

Aussie has one good horse, nothing else comes close. That is out of the 150,000 and more that have been bred since the year Winx was. Our racing is held up by imports, particularly the major cups and more and more we see imports coming through in our sprints.

What about Aussies useless cricketers? They like most Aussie teams should never leave the Aussie shores to compete. They can stuff it up enough here. Aussie have a domestic one day competition and the final was on a Wednesday. How many watched that? So that format of the game for Aussie state sides is over already. And it only mid October.

What about the Wallabies? Just managed to get themselves off the bottom of the World Rugby Championships with an hour to go. What about Rugby League? They appoint a national captain and then what happened? What about Aussie tennis players? I could go on and on. In fact I will again another day. It sure ain't going to improve any day soon, so no rush.

Yep the country is in a mess and so is Aussie sport, big time. But bet up, she be all right mate.

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