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Forum - Greyhound tips Tue 12-Feb-19

Greyhound tips Tue 12-Feb-19

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Original Blog Post:

Tue 12-FEB-19

DEVONPORT       R3   #7   WHIP CARTER                  
GAWLER          R3   #1   TOLGA              
DEVONPORT       R6   #4   MISS HANIGAN       
GAWLER          R7   #1   TROUBLE WATERS              
HORSHAM        R5   #3   ASTON YOKO          
HORSHAM        R6   #3   JAKESTA             
CAPALABA        R7   #4   TIGHT CIRCLE       
HORSHAM        R9   #1   NERVOUS AN WEI              
-------------   R9   #8   UNTOLD SOLDIER      

GEELONG        R7   #6   THROUGH             
HORSHAM        R11 #4   SERENDIPITY MA      


WARRAGUL        R5   #5   ZIPPING SADIE       
-------        R5   #8   LITTLE SAMARA       
GOSFORD        R5   #2   HIT RECORD          
WARRAGUL        R7   #5   SERGEANT SCHUL      

WARRAGUL        R8   #6   ZIPPING BOMBER      
------               #2   EL HELECHO          

LISMORE        R9   #2   TERRA TORRA            

WARRAGUL        R10 #8   BALLY BECKHAM       
IPSWICH        R8   #2   REPEAT SET          
WARRAGUL        R12 #5   SECRET BUSINES      
-------              #4   BUCK THE JOCKE      
MANDURAH        R6   #5   CLOONEY             
------               #3   BONTEM DELLY

Author: another_tipsta
Subject: Greyhound tips Tue 12-Feb-19

Time: 11/2/2019 5:13:10 PM
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Author: another_tipsta
Subject: Re: Greyhound tips Tue 12-Feb-19

Time: 12/2/2019 10:50:20 PM

Blog Reply:

...and this one just won:
MANDURAH        R6          
------       #3   BONTEM DELLY $5.50w fixed

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Author: another_tipsta
Subject: Re: Greyhound tips Tue 12-Feb-19

Time: 12/2/2019 10:42:06 PM

Blog Reply:

A fantastic finish to a betting day that didn't start well.
Three profitable tipping days in a row now (05th, 06th, 12th Feb 2019)

Best results:

WARRAGUL        R7   #5   SERGEANT SCHUL --- won $15w
WARRAGUL        R12 #5   SECRET BUSINES   --- won $34 fixed odds, $18.70w tote    

Tue 12-FEB-19

DEVONPORT       R3   #7   WHIP CARTER     unpl
GAWLER          R3   #1   TOLGA     unpl
DEVONPORT       R6   #4   MISS HANIGAN unpl
GAWLER          R7   #1   TROUBLE WATERS    unpl           
HORSHAM        R5   #3   ASTON YOKO   2nd 1.40pl fixed       
HORSHAM        R6   #3   JAKESTA      2nd 1.60pl fixed       
CAPALABA        R7   #4   TIGHT CIRCLE -- scr.     
HORSHAM        R9   #1   NERVOUS AN WEI    ---- won $1.30w fixed       
-------------   R9   #8   UNTOLD SOLDIER   ntd   

GEELONG        R7   #6   THROUGH    3rd ntd       
HORSHAM        R11 #4   SERENDIPITY MA unpl    

LISMORE        R4   #8 TRANQUIL INVADER ----won $2.60w fixed

WARRAGUL        R5   #5   ZIPPING SADIE     unpl.
-------        R5   #8   LITTLE SAMARA       2nd 1.80pl
GOSFORD        R5   #2   HIT RECORD        unpl
WARRAGUL        R7   #5   SERGEANT SCHUL --- won $15w

WARRAGUL        R8   #6   ZIPPING BOMBER 3rd ntd     
------               #2   EL HELECHO   ----------- won $1.70w       

LISMORE        R9   #2   TERRA TORRA   3rd ntd

WARRAGUL        R10 #8   BALLY BECKHAM    3rd $2.80pl   
IPSWICH        R8   #2   REPEAT SET unpl 4th
WARRAGUL        R12 #5   SECRET BUSINES --- won $34 fixed odds, $18.70w tote    
-------              #4   BUCK THE JOCKE 3rd      
MANDURAH        R6   #5   CLOONEY      yet to run       
------               #3   BONTEM DELLY yet to run

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