Gosford Horse Racing Results for 1 December 2016

On 1 December 2016 at Gosford horse racing results includes:

Race 1 the "Breakers Mdn Hcp" horse race won by Time Out Of Mind (Dream Ahead (USA), Schiaparelli (AUS))

Race 2 the "Rheem (BM65)" horse race won by Wide Acclaim (Congrats (USA), Dirty (AUS))

Race 3 the "Pipemakers Mdn Hcp" horse race won by Oakfield Ali (Commands (AUS), Oakfield Princess (AUS))

Race 4 the "Rinnai Australia Hcp (C1)" horse race won by Bon Equus (Medaglia D'oro (USA), A Fairy's Kiss (NZ))

Race 5 the "Caroma Mdn Plate" horse race won by Baltic Whisper (Charge Forward (AUS), Le Sillage (AUS))

Race 6 the "Brian Hilton Toyota Mdn Plate" horse race won by Blackmaker (Redoute's Choice (AUS), Black Mamba (NZ))

Race 7 the "Robson Civil Projects Hcp (C2)" horse race won by Snitzel Knight (Snitzel (AUS), Miss Alia (NZ))

Race 8 the "Eris Mccarthy (BM65)" horse race won by Miss Debutante (Fastnet Rock (AUS), More Than Real (USA))

Race Results - 1/12/2016 [+]

1 December 2016 Gosford   

R1Breakers Mdn HcpTime Out Of MindDream Ahead (USA)Schiaparelli (AUS) 
R2Rheem (BM65)Wide AcclaimCongrats (USA)Dirty (AUS) 
R3Pipemakers Mdn HcpOakfield AliCommands (AUS)Oakfield Princess (AUS) 
R4Rinnai Australia Hcp (C1)Bon EquusMedaglia D'oro (USA)A Fairy's Kiss (NZ) 
R5Caroma Mdn PlateBaltic WhisperCharge Forward (AUS)Le Sillage (AUS) 
R6Brian Hilton Toyota Mdn PlateBlackmakerRedoute's Choice (AUS)Black Mamba (NZ) 
R7Robson Civil Projects Hcp (C2)Snitzel KnightSnitzel (AUS)Miss Alia (NZ) 
R8Eris Mccarthy (BM65)Miss DebutanteFastnet Rock (AUS)More Than Real (USA) 
R1Time Out Of Mind3U MDN1100m1:05.08G11.83+0.1984.634.9800.00.21
R2Wide AcclaimCG BM651100m1:05.20G11.85+0.2183.834.45714.02.87
R3Oakfield Ali3U MDN1200m1:11.84G11.97+0.3478.234.4000.01.27
R4Bon EquusCL11600m1:37.56G12.20+0.0589.436.4146.12.91
R5Baltic WhisperMDN1000m0:58.76G11.75+0.1985.433.9200.01.1
R6Blackmaker3U MDN2100m2:12.61G12.63+0.2574.436.5400.01.02
R7Snitzel KnightCL21200m1:10.99G11.83+0.2083.934.82814.53.84
R8Miss DebutanteFM BM651100m1:04.29G11.69+0.0589.934.951520.54.65

1Breakers Mdn Hcp 1100m
Age:3U WT:54.0 Type:MDN API:0.21  $30,000
Race Record: 1:03.69 Infra Dig 06 Oct 2016 BM65 SOT:G G(4)

 5G Dream Ahead (USA) Schiaparelli (AUS) (Woodman (USA))
22.383.00.5Diva Lamore3Andrew AdkinsR J Quinton56.01$2.5    
 5M More Than Ready (USA) Lady Diva (AUS) (Polish Navy (USA))
32.583.00.0Vivid Pink6Christian ReithMichael & Wayne & John Hawkes56.06$12.0    
 5M Sebring (AUS) Rare Diamond (AUS) (Redoute's Choice (AUS))
4 - 82.00.6Laureole4Tim ClarkJohn O'shea56.03$4.5    
5 - 82.00.0Our Barty1Josh ParrJoseph Pride58.04$21.0    
2Rheem (BM65) 1100m
Sex:CG WT:54.0 Type:BM65 API:2.87  $30,000
Race Record: 1:03.69 Infra Dig 06 Oct 2016 BM65 SOT:G G(4)

 6G Congrats (USA) Dirty (AUS) (Hussonet (USA))
21.383.02.8After All That3Robert ThompsonRodney Northam61.07$3.5    
 7G Time Thief (AUS) Octavia Belle (AUS) (Octagonal (NZ))'s Tariff1Glyn SchofieldMs J Pracey61.56$4.5    
 8G Ad Valorem (USA) Reiby Royale (AUS) (Desert Prince (IRE))
4 - 78.00.9Earstheking7Grant BuckleyGregory Mcfarlane54.02$26.0    
5 - 78.03.6Iron George4Andrew AdkinsTina Rogers60.54$6.5    
6 - 78.02.6Secret Web6C DwyerPaul Perry60.51$41.0    
3Pipemakers Mdn Hcp 1200m
Age:3U WT:55.0 Type:MDN API:1.27  $30,000
Race Record: 1:08.96 Ball Of Muscle 09 Jan 2015 3yo+ Qlty SOT:G G(4)

 5H Commands (AUS) Oakfield Princess (AUS) (Euclase (AUS)) ReithMichael & Wayne & John Hawkes57.07$5.5    
 6M Casino Prince (AUS) Acupuncture (NZ) (Pins (AUS))
31.576.00.7Madame Giselle5Glyn SchofieldAnthony Cummings57.03$2.6    
 6M Charge Forward (AUS) Belle Giselle (AUS) (Redoute's Choice (AUS))
4 - 76.01.3Bianca's Lad3Andrew AdkinsR J Quinton57.06$7.0    
5 - 71.00.6The Blue Swan7Grant BuckleyW M Slinkard55.05$61.0    
6 - 62.00.0Mickeven1S LisnyyK J Miller59.04$67.0    
4Rinnai Australia Hcp (C1) 1600m
WT:54.0 Type:CL1 API:2.91  $30,000
Race Record: 1:37.00 Me Mongo 05 Mar 2016 CL2 SOT:G G(4)

 6G Medaglia D'oro (USA) A Fairy's Kiss (NZ) (Stravinsky (USA))
21.587.05.6Ocean Spray3Leigh Roche Chris Waller59.03$4.5    
 6M Fastnet Rock (AUS) Mist (IRE) (Galileo (IRE))
32.387.01.1Royal Abbey6Ms N BurrellsMichael Plummer54.05$31.0    
 7G Bon Hoffa (AUS) Crimson Abbey (AUS) (Red Ransom (USA))
4 - 83.04.0Aspen Star2Glyn SchofieldJames Cummings59.06$4.3    
5 - 83.02.3Savannah Rose4Tim ClarkGary Nickson55.54$2.4    
6 - 81.03.4Almadol5Leanne HenryBrett Thompson54.02$13.0    
7 - 77.00.4Wedding Kiss7Grant BuckleyEvan Holland54.07$61.0    
5Caroma Mdn Plate 1000m
WT:SW Type:MDN API:1.1  $30,000
Race Record: 0:57.41 Quartzite 31 Dec 2014 CL1 SOT:G G(4)

 5G Charge Forward (AUS) Le Sillage (AUS) (Encosta De Lago (AUS))
23.382.00.0Ling Chong2Deanne PanyaRichard Collett57.56$31.0    
 5G Testa Rossa (AUS) Taunt Pauline (AUS) (Oamaru Force (AUS))
33.582.00.0Twinhit8Tim ClarkGregory Mcfarlane55.54$4.5    
 5M Shrapnel (AUS) Frosty Ebony (AUS) (Giant's Causeway (USA))
4 - 81.00.0Jawdaa4Tommy BerryMichael & Wayne & John Hawkes55.57$6.5    
5 - 80.01.3Enmity3Kathy O'haraRobert Price57.05$17.0    
6 - 78.00.3Krissy Ann5Ms Rachel KingAllan Kehoe55.52$51.0    
7 - 75.00.0Miss Gigi6Andrew AdkinsMark Cross55.53$41.0    
6Brian Hilton Toyota Mdn Plate 2100m
Age:3U WT:SW Type:MDN API:1.02  $30,000
Race Record: 2:09.99 Nissile 29 Dec 2014 BM60 SOT:G G(4)

 6G Redoute's Choice (AUS) Black Mamba (NZ) (Black Minnaloushe (USA)) Getaway7Tommy BerryPaul Perry56.57$8.5    
 5G Zoffany (IRE) Centaure (NZ) (Centaine (AUS))
32.871.00.5Typhoon Tess8Christian ReithDavid Payne54.52$10.0    
 5M Redoute's Choice (AUS) Gallant Tess (AUS) (Galileo (IRE))
4 - 67.00.9Street Comic6Tim ClarkGerald Ryan56.54$7.5    
5 - 63.01.2Roving Eye3Grant BuckleyW M Slinkard59.03$17.0    
6 - 62.00.3Charlie's Day5Blaike Mc DougallJohn P Thompson56.58$10.0    
7 - 56.00.4Havazac2Luke CumberlandMark Spackman59.01$61.0    
8 - 53.00.8Ciqala4S LisnyyPaul Perry57.06$26.0    
7Robson Civil Projects Hcp (C2) 1200m
WT:54.0 Type:CL2 API:3.84  $30,000
Race Record: 1:08.96 Ball Of Muscle 09 Jan 2015 3yo+ Qlty SOT:G G(4)

 6G Snitzel (AUS) Miss Alia (NZ) (Zabeel (NZ))
21.383.03.9Fly Forward2Josh ParrJohn P Thompson58.55$3.5    
 6G Charge Forward (AUS) Remnant (AUS) (Danehill (USA))
31.582.01.5Element Of Luck8James P InnesFred Cowell54.010$67.0    
 7M Red Element (AUS) Extension Of Life (AUS) (Flying Spur (AUS))
4 - 82.05.1Single And Free6Ms Rachel KingAngela Davies54.07$3.3    
5 - 81.00.7Dorf Star4Christian ReithClarry Conners55.04$10.0    
6 - 81.02.9Deangelo3Mitchell BellKylie Gavenlock56.02$11.0    
7 - 81.012.0Magic Arli7Ms R MurrayR R Milligan54.08$5.5    
8 - 79.00.4Basking10Scott PollardRobert Price54.06$101.0    
9 - 77.02.9Dylan's Dynasty5Kathy O'haraRobert Price55.01$13.0    
8Eris Mccarthy (BM65) 1100m
Sex:FM WT:54.5 Type:BM65 API:4.65  $30,000
Race Record: 1:03.69 Infra Dig 06 Oct 2016 BM65 SOT:G G(4)

 5M Fastnet Rock (AUS) More Than Real (USA) (More Than Ready (USA))
21.389.08.8Geneteau8Blake ShinnBjorn Baker58.511$4.0    
 5M Beneteau (AUS) Jazzy General (AUS) (General Nediym (AUS))
33.686.01.7She's A Bop Girl6Tim ClarkPaul Perry59.53$8.0    
 6M I Am Invincible (AUS) Dashie Diva (AUS) (Dash For Cash (AUS))
4 - 86.02.1Racy4Ms Rachel KingGary Portelli60.07$9.0    
5 - 86.05.8Summit Breath2Kathy O'haraRobert Price61.04$31.0    
6 - 84.03.2Stradance1Deanne PanyaMark Cross62.01$13.0    
7 - 84.05.8Possumnater10James P InnesGerald Ryan54.58$17.0    
8 - 83.01.7Musical Family11Blaike Mc DougallWayne Seelin54.55$26.0    
9 - 82.02.4Miss Tripod9Andrew AdkinsGrant Marshall57.02$21.0    

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