One of the many facilities Racing And Sports provides for all users is the ability to access "audio" content. Because of our significant domestic and international presence at the race track and of it, not only are we delivering extensive racing information and technology along with form content, you can avail yourself of a substantial amount of interviews conducted by the Racing And Sports team.

They include discussions with Jockeys, Trainers and Owners through the week, Post-Race interviews, Press conferences at major meetings and also Race Day Previews from our racing staff. All these emanate from racing right around the world.

Jockey Premierships

Current Season

 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 B Avdulla 596.215.9%1123.330.3%370
 B Shinn 506.016.7%843.528.0%300
 T Angland 487.014.2%104½3.230.8%339
 Tim Clark 486.714.7%78½4.124.1%326
 K Mc Evoy 455.617.9%69½3.627.6%252
 J R Collett 406.615.2%554.820.8%264
 G Schofield 39½7.613.1%783.825.9%301
 J Bowman 394.820.5%404.721.1%190
 Rachel King (a) 279.510.4%54½4.721.0%259
 J Parr 258.012.5%62½3.231.3%200
 Jean Van Overmeire (a) 237.114.0%344.820.7%164
 C W Brown 2211.78.5%683.726.4%258
 J Ford 2112.87.8%53½5.019.8%270
 A Adkins 1714.17.1%376.415.4%240
 A Hyeronimus 1610.19.8%315.219.0%163
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 Craig Williams 417.413.4%654.621.3%305
 M Zahra 376.814.7%643.925.4%252
 Damian Lane 357.812.8%873.131.9%273
 D Oliver 327.213.7%564.124.0%233
 Ethan Brown (a) 316.714.9%593.528.4%208
 Ben Allen (a) 229.810.2%484.522.2%216
 B Melham 228.511.8%316.016.6%187
 S Baster 227.313.6%189.011.1%162
 Ms S Thornton (a) 208.312.0%325.119.3%166
 D Dunn 1815.36.5%574.820.6%277
 Ben Thompson 1813.37.5%514.721.3%240
 Regan Bayliss 1612.38.1%335.916.8%197
 Ryan Maloney 165.817.0%165.817.0%94
 B Rawiller 156.216.0%214.422.3%94
 L Currie 1411.38.8%384.123.9%159
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 J Lloyd 734.024.5%72½4.124.3%298
 R Fradd 58½5.019.7%714.123.9%297
 J Byrne 457.912.5%1093.230.4%359
 M Mc Gillivray 446.714.8%773.825.9%297
 Ron Stewart 348.012.5%614.422.3%273
 M Cahill 30½10.49.6%57½5.518.0%319
 B N Stewart 278.112.3%593.726.9%219
 Jag Guthmann-Chester (a) 179.310.7%334.820.8%159
 Tiffani Brooker 1513.17.6%444.422.3%197
 D J Browne 149.210.9%353.627.1%129
 P Hammersley 149.410.6%353.726.5%132
 L V Cassidy 1313.07.6%364.721.2%170
 James Orman 1214.37.0%315.518.0%172
 Emma Ljung (a) 108.411.9%165.219.0%84
 Michael Murphy (a) 107.912.7%126.515.2%79
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 W Pike 733.527.9%594.422.5%262
 Chris Parnham 356.814.6%49½4.820.6%240
 Jarrad Noske 247.014.2%404.223.7%169
 D Staeck 229.011.1%494.024.7%198
 Joseph Azzopardi 228.911.2%287.014.2%197
 B Parnham 198.611.6%374.422.6%164
 S O'Donnell 188.311.9%275.517.9%151
 Tayla Stone (a) 184.820.5%18½4.721.0%88
 C Johnston-Porter 1710.59.5%384.721.2%179
 P Carbery 1512.08.3%414.422.7%181
 J Brown 147.712.8%254.322.9%109
 Lucy Warwick 129.310.7%176.515.2%112
 S Mc Gruddy 1114.56.9%34½4.621.6%160
 T Turner 10½15.96.3%285.916.8%167
 Aaron Mitchell 10½9.410.6%15½6.315.7%99
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 Jamie Kah 423.428.8%403.627.4%146
 Todd Pannell 305.817.2%37½4.621.6%174
 J Holder 257.613.2%49½3.826.1%190
 P Gatt 247.313.6%364.820.5%176
 Raquel Clark (a) 207.812.7%413.826.1%157
 Victor Wong (a) 187.513.2%393.428.7%136
 D Tourneur 1311.28.9%304.820.5%146
 J Bowditch 1211.68.6%443.131.4%140
 Ms E Finnegan (a) 128.811.3%195.517.9%106
 Chris Caserta (a) 115.518.0%144.323.0%61
 Sairyn Fawke (a) 1013.77.3%34½3.925.2%137
 Justin Huxtable (a) 712.77.9%263.429.2%89
 D Caboche (a) 712.18.2%194.422.4%85
 R J Hurdle 79.410.6%135.019.7%66
 S Cahill 75.717.5%123.330.0%40

Data as of Mar 22, 2018