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They include discussions with Jockeys, Trainers and Owners through the week, Post-Race interviews, Press conferences at major meetings and also Race Day Previews from our racing staff. All these emanate from racing right around the world.

Jockey Premierships

Current Season

 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 Tim Clark 56.016.7%83.726.7%30
 C W Brown 45.518.2%63.627.3%22
 Tommy Berry 38.012.5%92.637.5%24
 T Angland 35.318.8%62.637.5%16
 J R Collett 34.621.4%43.528.6%14
 K Mc Evoy 34.621.4%34.621.4%14
 J Parr 210.010.0%63.330.0%20
 J Ford 211.58.7%37.613.0%23
 A Hyeronimus 25.020.0%25.020.0%10
 Rachel King (a) 210.010.0%210.010.0%20
 J Bowman 22.540.0%0-5
 Jean Van Overmeire (a) 24.522.2%0-9
 B Shinn 118.05.6%63.033.3%18
 A Adkins (a) 124.04.2%54.820.8%24
 G Schofield 112.08.3%43.033.3%12
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 Ben Thompson (a) 45.518.2%45.518.2%22
 Ethan Brown (a) 33.330.0%52.050.0%10
 D Oliver 37.014.3%37.014.3%21
 Regan Bayliss 28.511.8%53.429.4%17
 Ben Allen (a) 25.518.2%25.518.2%11
 S Baster 26.515.4%26.515.4%13
 D Dunn 210.59.5%210.59.5%21
 L Currie 26.016.7%112.08.3%12
 B Melham 28.511.8%117.05.9%17
 John Allen 23.528.6%0-7
 M J Walker 21.566.7%0-3
 Damian Lane 116.06.3%62.637.5%16
 M Zahra 111.09.1%42.736.4%11
 Chris Caserta (a) 110.010.0%33.330.0%10
 Taylor Marshall (a) 19.011.1%19.011.1%9
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 J Byrne 55.418.5%112.440.7%27
 M Mc Gillivray (a) 54.820.8%83.033.3%24
 M Cahill 56.415.6%74.521.9%32
 B N Stewart 45.518.2%4.820.5%22
 R Fradd 39.610.3%102.934.5%29
 D J Browne 35.617.6%62.835.3%17
 Ron Stewart 37.313.6%37.313.6%22
 Jag Guthmann-Chester (a) 34.323.1%26.515.4%13
 Adam Sewell (a) 27.014.3%114.07.1%14
 J Lloyd 22.540.0%0-5
 Tiffani Brooker (a) 121.04.8%45.219.0%21
 Alannah Fancourt (a) 18.012.5%18.012.5%8
 L P Rolls 15.020.0%15.020.0%5
 Shannon Doyle 12.050.0%0-2
 Ms T Harrison 114.07.1%0-14
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 W Pike 34.025.0%62.050.0%12
 Chris Parnham 34.025.0%43.033.3%12
 Joseph Azzopardi 34.621.4%34.621.4%14
 Randy Tan (a) 28.511.8%62.835.3%17
 B Parnham 213.57.4%55.418.5%27
 S Mc Gruddy 28.511.8%35.617.6%17
 S Parnham 29.011.1%29.011.1%18
 D Staeck 28.012.5%28.012.5%16
 Aaron Mitchell 23.033.3%16.016.7%6
 Tayla Stone (a) 22.540.0%15.020.0%5
 J Brown 22.540.0%0-5
 Jarrad Noske 117.05.9%53.429.4%17
 Alan Kennedy 114.07.1%34.621.4%14
 Ryan Hill 19.011.1%19.011.1%9
 Mitchell Pateman 14.025.0%14.025.0%4
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 P Gatt 53.033.3%0-15
 Ms K Bishop 31.660.0%0-5
 M Neilson 26.016.7%43.033.3%12
 J Holder 27.513.3%35.020.0%15
 Todd Pannell 26.016.7%34.025.0%12
 J Bowditch 113.07.7%52.638.5%13
 Raquel Clark (a) 113.07.7%43.230.8%13
 Jamie Kah 111.09.1%33.627.3%11
 Jake Toeroek 111.09.1%33.627.3%11
 D Caboche (a) 111.09.1%25.518.2%11
 Victor Wong (a) 114.07.1%27.014.3%14
 Ms E Finnegan (a) 19.011.1%19.011.1%9
 Damien Thornton 14.025.0%14.025.0%4
 R J Hurdle 11.0100.0%0-1
 A Lynch 11.0100.0%0-1

Data as of Aug 17, 2017