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Jockey Premierships

2003-2004 Season

 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 D Beadman 115½4.721.0%2722.049.5%549
 C W Brown 1056.016.6%2772.243.9%631
 C Munce 717.413.3%173½3.032.6%532
 G Boss 647.014.2%179½2.539.9%450
 L V Cassidy 599.310.7%1813.033.0%549
 J Bowman 519.310.7%1533.132.2%475
 R M Quinn 4511.88.4%142½3.726.6%535
 D R Beasley 4311.68.6%143½3.428.7%500
 J Ford (a) 4310.49.5%138½3.230.7%451
 J A Cassidy 438.411.9%137½2.638.0%362
 D Mc Lellan 34½5.019.8%80½2.146.3%174
 Ron Stewart (a) 3312.58.0%1083.826.2%413
 L Beasley 2310.010.0%912.539.6%230
 B Pengelly 228.012.4%553.231.1%177
 Mitchell Bell (a) 1916.66.0%62½5.019.7%317
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 D Oliver 774.721.1%1672.145.8%365
 D Nikolic 666.614.9%161½2.736.5%442
 B Prebble 636.216.1%1562.539.9%391
 S Baster 519.410.5%153½3.131.7%484
 Nicholas Ryan (a) 509.610.4%1483.230.8%480
 G J Childs 488.511.7%1492.736.2%412
 B Shinn (a) 47½6.714.8%1232.638.2%322
 D Gauci 42½10.49.5%120½3.727.0%446
 S R King 428.312.0%96½3.627.7%349
 N Rawiller 375.119.4%792.441.4%191
 N Callow 347.912.5%92½2.934.1%271
 M Zahra 289.610.4%703.826.0%269
 K Mc Evoy 278.312.0%70½3.131.3%225
 L Currie 269.610.4%653.825.9%251
 Chris Symons (a) 2215.56.5%85½3.925.1%341
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 S Katsidis 587.313.5%1872.243.6%429
 G Colless 556.116.4%144½2.343.0%336
 S Galloway 5210.69.4%1663.329.9%556
 M Rodd 517.613.1%142½2.736.5%390
 J Byrne 446.016.4%1142.342.5%268
 S Seamer 417.413.4%1072.835.0%306
 Z Purton 3610.99.2%1073.627.2%393
 A Best (a) 309.110.9%783.528.3%276
 J Powell 2810.69.4%98½3.033.1%298
 C Spry (a) 2811.78.5%863.826.2%328
 M Rice (a) 2614.37.0%1063.528.3%374
 Ms L Morrison 2314.46.9%655.119.6%332
 J P Stanley 1912.48.0%534.422.4%237
 K Pope 1913.47.5%475.418.4%255
 Y Yamazaki (a) 199.610.4%434.223.5%183
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 P Harvey 68½4.621.7%170½1.854.0%316
 J Whiting 59½8.012.4%1712.835.6%480
 W Pike (a) 48½5.817.1%1132.539.8%284
 P King 489.011.1%123½3.428.6%432
 T Turner 439.910.1%129½3.230.4%426
 J Brown 409.210.9%104½3.528.4%368
 P Knuckey 349.510.4%97½3.329.9%326
 S Parnham (a) 3411.48.7%954.024.4%389
 P Carbery 3312.48.0%102½4.025.0%410
 D Staeck 2710.99.1%82½3.527.9%296
 J Claite 2510.29.7%683.726.5%257
 Ms A Sansom 2312.97.7%61½4.820.7%297
 Jason Miller 216.914.5%52½2.736.2%145
 S O'Donnell 2015.36.5%694.422.5%306
 Ms J Roesler (a) 169.910.1%324.920.1%159
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 P Gatt 42½7.712.8%117½2.835.5%331
 J Bowditch 408.711.5%110½3.131.8%348
 C Bryant (a) 365.717.3%842.440.4%208
 Ms C Lindop 358.911.2%98½3.131.6%312
 A Spiteri 336.515.3%832.638.4%216
 J Potter 2812.58.0%993.528.1%352
 J Holder 2210.19.8%76½2.934.2%224
 S Price 219.910.1%603.428.8%208
 Cody Morgan (a) 209.210.8%57½3.231.1%185
 Ms H Mc Kechnie (a) 207.613.2%45½3.329.9%152
 J Maund 1814.17.1%544.721.3%254
 C Lever 167.014.2%412.736.3%113
 M Neilson (a) 1410.49.6%47½3.032.5%146
 J Lyon 1317.85.6%386.116.4%232
 D Tootell 1217.35.8%553.726.4%208

Data as of Jul 31, 2004,