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Jockey Premierships

2012-2013 Season

 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 N Rawiller 774.720.9%1203.032.5%369
 J Bowman 72½6.315.9%1303.528.4%457
 G Schofield 607.812.8%1094.323.2%470
 Tommy Berry 557.313.6%874.621.5%404
 K Mc Evoy 52½6.814.6%824.322.8%360
 C Reith 529.011.1%875.318.6%469
 P Robl 518.811.4%785.717.4%449
 J R Collett 458.411.8%86½4.422.7%381
 C W Brown 438.411.9%1063.429.3%362
 B Shinn 428.312.0%83½4.223.8%351
 J A Cassidy 405.817.2%623.726.6%233
 B Avdulla 3310.99.1%715.019.7%361
 J B Mc Donald 328.511.7%67½4.024.7%273
 Nathan Berry 2913.37.5%705.518.0%388
 J Parr 287.712.9%504.323.0%217
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 G Boss 656.814.7%1014.322.8%443
 D Dunn 479.011.1%944.522.2%424
 L Nolen 468.312.0%973.925.3%384
 Craig Williams 436.315.8%693.925.3%273
 C Schofield (a) 418.611.5%675.218.9%355
 M Rodd 405.817.2%584.025.0%232
 C Newitt 3911.88.5%825.617.8%461
 V Duric 388.511.7%704.621.5%326
 B Rawiller 357.014.2%783.131.6%247
 Damien Thornton (a) 2510.39.7%554.621.3%258
 Damian Lane 257.912.6%355.617.6%199
 Nicholas Hall 2314.37.0%794.123.9%330
 K Mc Evoy 235.717.3%294.521.8%133
 B Melham 2011.58.7%415.617.8%230
 J Duffy (a) 189.510.5%315.518.1%171
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 M Cahill 866.116.3%1154.521.8%528
 D J Browne 604.721.1%704.024.6%284
 C Munce 467.613.1%83½4.123.9%350
 Ms T Harrison (a) 448.711.4%864.422.3%385
 R Wiggins 438.411.8%90½4.024.9%363
 R Mc Mahon 436.615.0%733.925.4%287
 Timothy Bell 36½10.99.1%85½4.621.3%401
 J Byrne 3312.58.0%85½4.820.6%415
 G Colless 3210.29.8%76½4.223.3%328
 L V Cassidy 2913.57.4%646.116.3%392
 Anthony Allen (a) 2610.29.7%604.422.5%267
 Kirk Matheson (a) 2510.010.0%54½4.521.8%250
 P Hammersley 2512.28.1%53½5.717.4%307
 J Lloyd 2011.58.7%633.627.4%230
 Ms M Vance (a) 198.312.0%384.124.1%158
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 W Pike 675.717.5%89½4.223.4%383
 P Harvey 49½4.521.8%56½4.024.9%227
 S Parnham 3611.58.7%834.920.0%414
 T Turner 369.210.8%655.119.5%334
 S O'Donnell 3510.19.9%854.123.9%355
 J Whiting 3510.59.5%695.318.7%369
 P Knuckey 357.812.7%535.219.2%276
 Ben Paterson (a) 349.011.1%595.219.2%307
 Jarrad Noske 3310.29.7%585.817.1%339
 Chris Parnham (a) 32½7.114.1%484.820.8%231
 P Carbery 3111.88.4%884.123.9%368
 D Staeck 305.916.9%424.223.7%177
 B Parnham 2613.07.7%605.617.8%338
 S Mc Gruddy 2511.28.9%466.016.4%280
 Mitchell Pateman (a) 23½8.012.4%355.418.4%190
 JockeyWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 Jamie Kah (a) 416.814.6%813.428.8%281
 P Gatt 387.213.9%70½3.825.7%274
 M Neilson 355.418.2%464.124.0%192
 D Tourneur 346.016.5%375.518.0%206
 Ms C Lindop 298.511.7%604.124.2%248
 S Price 22½10.010.0%376.116.4%226
 J Holder 2212.77.8%743.726.3%281
 J Bowditch 1910.89.2%484.323.2%207
 Ms A Herrmann 1911.48.7%484.522.0%218
 S Cahill 187.114.0%206.415.5%129
 S Westover (a) 157.613.2%254.521.9%114
 Todd Pannell 1411.78.5%354.621.3%164
 C Lever 1410.49.6%265.617.8%146
 T Baker 147.513.3%176.116.2%105
 Ms K Bishop (a) 1314.07.1%33½5.418.4%182

Data as of Aug 1, AAP