One of the many facilities Racing And Sports provides for all users is the ability to access "audio" content. Because of our significant domestic and international presence at the race track and of it, not only are we delivering extensive racing information and technology along with form content, you can avail yourself of a substantial amount of interviews conducted by the Racing And Sports team.

They include discussions with Jockeys, Trainers and Owners through the week, Post-Race interviews, Press conferences at major meetings and also Race Day Previews from our racing staff. All these emanate from racing right around the world.

Trainer Premierships

2003-2004 Season

 TrainerWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 J R Hawkes 1136.515.3%317½2.343.0%739
 Ms G Waterhouse 1035.518.1%251½2.244.3%568
 G A Rogerson 5411.28.9%189½3.131.3%606
 J A O'Shea 414.223.4%782.244.6%175
 G Portelli 317.213.7%66½3.329.4%226
 G A Ryan 296.615.0%72½2.637.6%193
 J Denham 267.513.2%712.736.0%197
 G H Walter 2310.59.5%862.835.5%242
 T R Martin 235.817.0%622.145.9%135
 R H Thomsen 2210.59.5%653.528.1%231
 P M Perry 2111.09.1%753.032.5%231
 J B Cummings 1910.89.2%504.124.3%206
 David Payne 196.415.4%32½3.726.4%123
 G M Begg 186.814.5%432.834.7%124
 Kevin Moses 177.513.3%472.736.7%128
 TrainerWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 D L Freedman 825.020.0%190½2.146.4%411
 P G Moody 475.817.2%1192.343.4%274
 J R Hawkes 468.112.2%1203.131.9%376
 Tony McEvoy 419.710.3%1303.032.5%400
 R W Smerdon 357.113.9%98½2.539.2%251
 B Mayfield-Smith 355.518.1%93½2.048.4%193
 M G Price 337.014.1%912.538.9%234
 M J Ellerton 335.916.8%832.342.1%197
 A J Vasil 245.518.2%502.637.9%132
 D J Hall 238.311.9%672.834.7%193
 D T O'Brien 235.119.5%48½2.441.1%118
 A W Noonan 229.011.0%553.627.5%200
 D R Brideoake 169.610.3%503.132.3%155
 F W Mitchell 159.910.1%502.933.6%149
 R G Hore-Lacy 128.112.2%412.341.8%98
 TrainerWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 A E Bailey 475.717.3%1122.441.3%271
 J R Hawkes 369.510.5%1252.736.4%343
 B R Guy 328.212.2%873.033.1%263
 J P Wallace 256.016.4%57½2.637.8%152
 G A Ryan 237.413.5%53½3.131.3%171
 L F Birchley 198.012.5%493.132.2%152
 S A Dwyer 189.210.8%473.528.3%166
 R L Heathcote 188.711.5%463.429.3%157
 B J McLachlan 1710.79.3%553.330.2%182
 Ms G Heinrich 167.114.0%462.440.4%114
 S B Laming 157.114.0%39½2.736.9%107
 R G Lipp 146.914.4%362.637.1%97
 M G Nolan 116.914.5%302.539.5%76
 G A Osborne 108.911.2%312.834.8%89
 K M Schweida 1011.98.4%254.721.0%119
 TrainerWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 N D Parnham 4710.59.5%1253.925.2%496
 L Smith 345.916.7%82½2.440.6%203
 G F Durrant 325.717.3%82½2.244.6%185
 F R Kersley 29½7.912.6%84½2.736.0%235
 L P Luciani 266.714.8%60½2.934.4%176
 T M Andrews 219.110.9%63½3.032.9%193
 A D Mathews 218.012.4%57½2.933.8%170
 J W Price 1810.19.9%652.835.7%182
 J P Taylor 166.814.7%482.244.0%109
 M W Pateman 167.712.9%47½2.638.3%124
 Ms B Dudley 167.313.6%40½2.934.3%118
 G E Daly 167.313.6%393.033.1%118
 D R Harrison 1510.69.4%46½3.429.1%160
 E A Martinovich 156.216.1%29½3.131.7%93
 C H Webster 1411.58.6%39½4.124.4%162
 TrainerWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 Tony McEvoy 756.814.5%1922.637.2%516
 R R Jolly 31½5.617.8%64½2.736.4%177
 K M Sweeney 268.511.7%802.736.0%222
 J R Gask 247.912.6%71½2.637.6%190
 L M Macdonald 229.910.0%693.131.5%219
 M A Kavanagh 208.411.8%572.933.7%169
 D G Balfour 1712.48.0%60½3.528.5%212
 D R Jolly 157.413.5%44½2.440.1%111
 G D Kennewell 157.014.2%382.735.8%106
 S P Gower 119.210.8%362.835.3%102
 G V Richards 1111.09.0%27½4.422.5%122
 P Stokes 108.112.3%352.343.2%81
 M S Minervini 1010.39.7%343.033.0%103
 B Cozamanis 13.87.2%32½4.024.6%132
 B J Dunn 99.111.0%184.522.0%82

Data as of Jul 31, 2004,