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Trainer Premierships

2006-2007 Season

 TrainerWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 J R Hawkes 1534.820.6%227½3.230.6%743
 Ms G Waterhouse 984.621.7%127½3.528.3%451
 G H Walter 417.014.1%714.024.5%290
 J A O'Shea 404.522.0%384.720.9%182
 C J Waller 385.019.9%394.820.4%191
 J B Cummings 308.012.5%55½4.323.1%240
 A J Cummings 308.212.1%514.820.6%248
 G A Rogerson 27½11.78.5%664.920.4%324
 Kevin Moses 257.912.6%414.820.7%198
 G Portelli 209.111.0%533.429.1%182
 K A Lees 208.112.3%423.825.8%163
 Joseph Pride 207.213.9%37½3.826.0%144
 T R Martin 206.714.9%343.925.4%134
 J Denham 16½8.911.1%354.223.6%148
 David Payne 15½7.213.8%225.019.6%112
 TrainerWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 D A Hayes 1037.313.5%1963.825.8%761
 D L Freedman 83½6.814.6%1364.223.7%573
 P G Moody 457.613.1%824.123.9%343
 D T O'Brien 388.012.5%714.223.3%305
 M G Price 347.712.8%554.820.8%265
 B Mayfield-Smith 315.219.0%28½5.717.5%163
 M J Ellerton 249.210.9%484.621.7%221
 R E Laing 2310.79.3%406.216.1%248
 D K Weir 216.615.0%37½3.726.8%140
 R W Smerdon 199.710.2%434.323.1%186
 A J Vasil 195.817.0%16½6.714.7%112
 A W Noonan 18½4.820.8%175.219.1%89
 R D Griffiths 188.911.2%423.826.1%161
 G A Rogerson 184.920.2%273.230.3%89
 G Eurell 166.714.8%313.428.7%108
 TrainerWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 B R Guy 45½5.817.2%53½4.920.2%265
 A E Bailey 346.914.5%603.925.5%235
 J R Hawkes 297.812.7%514.422.4%228
 S A Dwyer 268.411.8%44½4.920.2%220
 L F Birchley 266.814.6%424.223.6%178
 R L Heathcote 268.112.3%365.817.1%211
 G A Ryan 257.912.6%533.726.6%199
 B S Baldwin 249.011.0%514.223.4%218
 P Duff 2310.99.1%505.019.8%252
 Ms G Heinrich 195.518.1%15½6.714.8%105
 B J McLachlan 1712.48.0%51½4.124.3%212
 L G Ross 158.611.6%177.513.2%129
 R E Maund 149.810.1%216.515.2%138
 K M Schweida 138.311.9%119.910.1%109
 Ms M Thexton 127.912.6%23½4.024.7%95
 TrainerWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 N D Parnham 48½10.49.5%1054.820.6%509
 F R Kersley 406.116.3%50½4.820.6%245
 D R Harrison 385.019.7%42½4.522.0%193
 A G Durrant 276.515.3%493.527.8%176
 L P Luciani 266.814.6%483.727.0%178
 J P Taylor 265.318.6%44½3.131.8%140
 T M Andrews 266.016.7%423.726.9%156
 M W Pateman 258.411.8%53½3.925.2%212
 L Smith 20½5.916.9%333.627.3%121
 Shane Edwards 165.817.0%23½4.025.0%94
 R W Price 155.617.9%184.621.4%84
 G E Daly 128.012.4%283.428.9%97
 D L Morton 11½6.515.3%292.538.7%75
 J W Price 1110.99.2%235.219.2%120
 C H Webster 1011.28.9%244.621.4%112
 TrainerWinWin SRWin%PlacePlace SRPlace%Rides
 D A Hayes 60½8.711.4%1343.925.2%532
 P Stokes 394.323.2%483.528.6%168
 L M Macdonald 297.812.8%524.322.9%227
 D G Balfour 229.610.3%49½4.323.2%213
 R R Jolly 20½8.112.2%364.621.4%168
 K M Sweeney 199.610.4%237.912.6%183
 Jon O'Connor 154.820.8%174.223.6%72
 D R Jolly 138.711.4%176.714.9%114
 G D Kennewell 134.124.1%143.825.9%54
 Ms H Frew 127.712.9%175.418.3%93
 M A Kavanagh 1011.58.7%284.124.3%115
 P C Barns 105.717.5%124.721.1%57
 D L Freedman 103.132.3%65.119.4%31
 D J Clarken 98.411.8%213.627.6%76
 J R Gask 97.712.9%125.817.1%70

Data as of Jul 30, AAP