Selections and Best Bets for Randwick and Flemington on February 17

Selections and Best Bets for Randwick and Flemington on February 17.

Selections and Best Bets for Randwick and Flemington on February 17

Selections and Best Bets for Randwick and Flemington on February 17.

RANDWICK February 17

RACE 1: (3) So It Is

RACE 4: (6) Kaepernick (EW)

RACE 5: (9) Prometheus (EW)

RACE 7: (8) My Country (EW)

RACE 9: (13) Star Of Monsoon (EW)

RACE 1: 3-1-8-4

RACE 2: 2-4-9-5

RACE 3: 4-1-6-10

RACE 4: 6-2-4-8

RACE 5: 9-8-4-3

RACE 6: 6-3-9-2

RACE 7: 8-5-10-11

RACE 8: 2-3-13-6

RACE 9: 13-6-8-16

FLEMINGTON February 17

RACE 4: (7) Kings Will Dream

RACE 5: (13) Handsome Chief

RACE 9: (3 Royal Rapture (EW)

RACE 4: 7-8-5-9

RACE 5: 13-3-6-7

RACE 6: 7-4-1-3

RACE 7: 2-1-13-7

RACE 8: 1-2-4-10

RACE 9: 3-16-7-15

Eligible Blackbook Runners – February 16/17

RANDWICK SATURDAY: More Energy (R3); Clearly Innocent (R4); Prized Icon (R6); Endless Drama (R6); Inference (R6); Eckstein (R7); My Country (R7)

FLEMINGTON SATURDAY: Khartoum (R2); Lucky Liberty (R5); Handsome Thief (R5); Shagra (R6); Sully (R7); Muraaqeb (R7); Royal Rapture (R9); Saracino (R9)

DOOMBEN SATURDAY: Muraqaba (R6); Supreme Effort (R8); Oink (R9)

BLACKBOOKERS - Horses to follow at next three starts. Selected February 10

ACQUME Horseform: Nice prospect for something longer.

ASSIMILATE Horseform: Good resuming effort behind a top colt. Promising.

SLIGHTLY SWEET Horseform: Talented mare set for another honest prep.

SEBERATE Horseform: Keep an eye on this Lindsay Park youngster.

MERCHANT NAVY Horseform: Nice primer for what lies ahead.

BRAVE SMASH Horseform: Just one of many luckless runs in the Orr Stakes.

RECENT BLACKBOOK WINNERS: Prince Cheri; Lanciato; Feelin The Love; Lilith; Calanda; Ken’s Dream; Invincibella; Willi Willi; Flow, Faraway Town; Morton’s Fork; Show A Star; Awesome Pluck; Fiesta; Peaceful State; Epic Rant; Fickle Folly; Kementari; Outrageous.

CURRENT BLACKBOOK HORSES: Acatour; Acceptile; Acqume; Alegria; Assimilate; Beau Geste; Board Director; Brave Smash; Bravo Tango; Cambage; Cedar Grande; Clearly Innocent; Clever Blaze; Collateral; Data Point; Dawn Wall; Del Prado; Diapason; Divine Unicorn; Dubaiinstyle; Dubai Sights; Earth Angel; Eckstein; El Rada; Elle Lou; Encryption; Endless Drama; Eusebio; Fit For Purpose; Fullazaboot; Gallic Chieftain; Handsome Thief; Happy Hannah; Havasay; Heavens Above; Heliosphere; I Did It Again; Impending; Inference; Insensata; Invincible Express; Invincible Knight; Invincible Star; It’s Somewhat; Jimmy Rea; Johannes Vermeer; Johnny Ge; Khartoum; Kilimanjaro; King River; Kinshachi; Kopi Luwak; Lady Lee; Lamborghini; Lofty’s Menu; Lucky Liberty; Mactier; Mahalangur; Magnufighter; Merchant Navy; Miss Siska; Mister Sea Wolf; More Energy; More To Gain; Muraaqeb; Muraqaba; My Country; My Nordic Hero; Niccanova; No Doubt; Nurse Kitchen; Octabello; Oink; Oohood; Our Century; Our Mantra; Overshare; Paret; Petition; Pinch Passion; Prezado; Primitivo; Prized Icon; Problem Solver; Ravi; Reach For Heaven; Rebellious Lord; River Racer; Roman Typhoon; Royal Rapture; Royal Tudor; Ruby Red Heart; Rugenbrau; Samara Dancer; Saracino; Saxton Rock; Seberate; Secret Trail; Separee; Serenely Discreet; Shagra; Sir Van Dyke; Slightly Sweet; Snippets Land; Snoopy; Sons Of John; Stratosphere; Strictly Legal; Sully; Superhard; Supreme Effort; Tactical Advantage; Tamasa; Templar; Tessera; Tiara Star; Toga Picta; Torpenhow; Touch Of Mink; Trogir; Trubio; Tsaritsa; Tucanchoo; Umberto; Up ‘N’ Rolling; Vega Magic; Wall Of Fire.

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