The most respected horse ratings agency in the world is Timeform. It has decades of experience at assessing the quality of performances by horses and the cross-referencing of those against others from the past and also the current day.

Racing And Sports is proud of its association with Timeform. CEO of Racing And Sports, Gary Crispe, is Australia's Timeform representative.

Gary has attended all the major carnivals from around the world and met with the form assessors in each of those jurisdictions to discuss recent trends and issues in the entire global industry.

As part of our Timeform webpage, Racing And Sports includes articles about Australian races and their ratings. As well, there is similar European information plus feature articles about the main events.

Statistically, the Timeform summaries are available for well over a decade of racing.

There are even historical references taken back to the halcyon days of the likes of Phar Lap, Peter Pan, Bernborough and Chatham.

With Ratings broken up by age and by country, punters can establish their own interest in the depth of quality of a certain group of horses. This is important when assessing a horse's ability against their own age but also against previous seasons.

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Timeform Ranking Charts

Timeform Ratings - 4yo

 RankHorse     PR TFE
1  Benbatl   4H  Dubawi (IRE)-Nahrain (GB)
 $1,403,400 129
2  Best Solution   4H  Kodiac (GB)-Al Andalyya (USA)
 $3,710,000 125
  Pierata   4H  Pierro (AUS)-November Flight (AUS)
 $523,400 125
4  Trapeze Artist   4H  Snitzel (AUS)-Treppes (AUS)
(Domesday (AUS)) GERALD RYAN
 $2,435,900 124
5  Grunt   4H  O'reilly (NZ)-Ruqqaya (NZ)
(Van Nistelrooy (USA)) MICK PRICE
 $645,200 123
  Kementari   4H  Lonhro (AUS)-Yavanna (AUS)
(Redoute's Choice (AUS)) JAMES CUMMINGS
 $436,100 123
  Nature Strip   4G  Nicconi (AUS)-Strikeline (AUS)
(Desert Sun (GB)) CHRIS WALLER
 $252,000 123
  Yucatan   4H  Galileo (IRE)-Six Perfections (FR)
(Celtic Swing (GB)) A P O'BRIEN
 $399,900 123
9  Kings Will Dream   4G  Casamento (IRE)-Road Harbour (USA)
(Rodrigo De Triano (USA)) DARREN WEIR
 $399,000 122
10  Alizee   4M  Sepoy (AUS)-Essaouira (AUS)
(Exceed And Excel (AUS)) JAMES CUMMINGS
 $849,800 121
  Homesman   4G  War Front (USA)-My Annette (USA)
(Red Ransom (USA)) LIAM HOWLEY
 $1,217,000 121

01 Aug 2018 to 23 Mar 2019
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Timeform Ratings symbols and abbreviations
The following symbols are used with (or sometimes in place of) Timeform Ratings.
pcommonly referred to as a small 'p'; the horse is likely to improve
Pcommonly referred to as a large 'P'; the horse is capable of much better
+the horse may be better than rated
?the rating is suspect or (used alone) the horse is out of form or cannot be assessed with confidence
§the 'Timeform squiggle'; the horse is unreliable (for temperamental or other reasons)
§§the 'double squiggle'; the horse is so unsatisfactory as to be not worth a rating
xa poor jumper
xxso bad a jumper as to be not worth a rating

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Top Timeform Runners

2yo Runners

118 Cosmic Force
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m
116 Time To Reign
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m
116 Yes Yes Yes
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m
114 Bellevue Hill
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m
114 Free Of Debt
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m
114 Lyre
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m
114 Microphone
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m
114 Tenley
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m
112 Dubious
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m
112 Lankan Star
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m
111 Exhilarates
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m
111 Pin Sec
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m
110 Bivouac
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m
110 Catch Me
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m
109 Kiamichi
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R7 1200m

3yo Runners

126 The Autumn Sun
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R4 2000m
119 Graff
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R8 1100m
116 Dealmaker
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R4 2000m
116 Ringerdingding
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R5 1500m

4yo Runners

125 Pierata
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R8 1100m
123 Nature Strip
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R8 1100m
120 Ace High
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R6 2000m
119 Avilius
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R6 2000m
119 The Taj Mahal
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R6 2000m
118 Danzdanzdance
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R6 2000m
118 Viridine
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R8 1100m

5yo Runners

129 Winx
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R5 1500m
126 Redzel
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R8 1100m
124 Avilius
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R6 2000m
120 Auvray
23/03/2019 ROSEHILL R6 2000m
120 Trap For Fools
23/03/2019 MORNINGTON R7 2400m

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