The most respected horse ratings agency in the world is Timeform. It has decades of experience at assessing the quality of performances by horses and the cross-referencing of those against others from the past and also the current day.

Racing And Sports is proud of its association with Timeform. CEO of Racing And Sports, Gary Crispe, is Australia's Timeform representative.

Gary has attended all the major carnivals from around the world and met with the form assessors in each of those jurisdictions to discuss recent trends and issues in the entire global industry.

As part of our Timeform webpage, Racing And Sports includes articles about Australian races and their ratings. As well, there is similar European information plus feature articles about the main events.

Statistically, the Timeform summaries are available for well over a decade of racing.

There are even historical references taken back to the halcyon days of the likes of Phar Lap, Peter Pan, Bernborough and Chatham.

With Ratings broken up by age and by country, punters can establish their own interest in the depth of quality of a certain group of horses. This is important when assessing a horse's ability against their own age but also against previous seasons.

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Timeform Ranking Charts

Australian Timeform Ratings
2000-2001 Racing Season

Two-Year-Old Timeform Handicaps

 RankHorse   TFE   
 Viscount 123   
 Excellerator 120   
 Ha Ha 118   
   Lonhro 118p 
   Red Hannigan 118   
   Ustinov 118p 
 Royal Courtship 117   
 Regal Kiss 116   
 King Of Prussia 115   
   Langoustine 115   
   Magic Albert 115   
   Miss Bussell 115   
   North Boy 115   
   Portsmouth 115   
   Spectatorial 115   
   Storm Zero 115   
   True Jewels 115   
18   Flying Babe 115   
   Juanmo 114   
   Perfect Crime 114   

Three-Year-Old Timeform Handicaps

 RankHorse   <   
 Assertive Lad 124   
   Universal Prince 124   
 Century Kid 121   
   Show A Heart 121   
 De Gaulle Lane 120   
   Keeper 120   
   Zariz 120   
 Desert Sky 119   
   Falls The Shadow 119   
   Mr. Murphy 119   
   Unworldly 119   
12   Hit The Roof 118   
   Pembleton 118   
   Skalato 118   
15   Belle Du Jour 117   
   Mannington 117   
   Miss Kournikova 117   
   St. Petersburg 117   
19   Cosset 116   
   Old Comrade 116   
   Phoenix Park 116   
   Regal Shot 116   
   Scenic Warrior 116   

Four-Year-Old Timeform Handicaps

 RankHorse   <   
 Fairway 126   
   Northerly 126   
   Testa Rossa 126   
 Shogun Lodge 125   
 Diatribe 124   
 Falvelon 123   
 Hire 122   
 Easy Rocking 121   
 Over 118   
10   Camena 117   
   Freemason 117   
12   Coco Cobanna 116   
   Crawl 116   
   Dandy Kid 116   
   Giovana 116   
   Honour The Name 116   
   Make Mine Magic 116   
   Mulan Princess 116   
19   Align 115   
   Bulkhead 115   
   Chattanooga 115   
   Cullen 115   
   Eau D'Scay 115   
   Emission 115   
   Kenconcarne 115   

Five-Year-Old and Older Timeform Handicaps

 RankHorse   <   
 Sunline 129   
 Sky Heights 124   
 Mr. Innocent 123   
   Oliver Twist 123   
   Tie The Knot 123   
   Umrum 123   
 Adam 122   
 King Keitel 121   
 Cent Home 120   
   Go Flash Go 120   
   Inaflury 120   
   Referral 120   
13   Black Bean 119   
   Kaapstad Way 119   
   Landsighting 119   
   Toledo 119   
17   Al Mansour 118   
   El Mirada 118   
   Iglesia 118   
   Notoire 118   
   Pleasure Giver 118   
   Zonda 118   

1 August 2000 to 31 Jul 2001
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Timeform Ratings symbols and abbreviations
The following symbols are used with (or sometimes in place of) Timeform Ratings.
pcommonly referred to as a small 'p'; the horse is likely to improve
Pcommonly referred to as a large 'P'; the horse is capable of much better
+the horse may be better than rated
?the rating is suspect or (used alone) the horse is out of form or cannot be assessed with confidence
§the 'Timeform squiggle'; the horse is unreliable (for temperamental or other reasons)
§§the 'double squiggle'; the horse is so unsatisfactory as to be not worth a rating
xa poor jumper
xxso bad a jumper as to be not worth a rating

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112 Dubious
25/05/2019 EAGLE FARM R8 1300m
111 Prince Fawaz
25/05/2019 RANDWICK R1 1400m

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120 Home Of The Brave
25/05/2019 EAGLE FARM R8 1300m

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