The most respected horse ratings agency in the world is Timeform. It has decades of experience at assessing the quality of performances by horses and the cross-referencing of those against others from the past and also the current day.

Racing And Sports is proud of its association with Timeform. CEO of Racing And Sports, Gary Crispe, is Australia's Timeform representative.

Gary has attended all the major carnivals from around the world and met with the form assessors in each of those jurisdictions to discuss recent trends and issues in the entire global industry.

As part of our Timeform webpage, Racing And Sports includes articles about Australian races and their ratings. As well, there is similar European information plus feature articles about the main events.

Statistically, the Timeform summaries are available for well over a decade of racing.

There are even historical references taken back to the halcyon days of the likes of Phar Lap, Peter Pan, Bernborough and Chatham.

With Ratings broken up by age and by country, punters can establish their own interest in the depth of quality of a certain group of horses. This is important when assessing a horse's ability against their own age but also against previous seasons.

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Timeform Ranking Charts

Australian Timeform Ratings
2003-2004 Racing Season

Two-Year-Old Timeform Handicaps

 RankHorse    TFE   
 Dance Hero 125   
 Charge Forward 123   
 Alinghi 122   
   Not A Single Doubt 122   
 Alizes 121   
 Fastnet Rock 120   
   Wager 120   
 Crimson Reign 119p 
   Savabeel 119p 
10   Oratorio 118   
   Star Shiraz 118   
12   Commands Nothin' 117   
   Golden Fox 117   
   One World 117p 
   Segments 117   
16   Ballybleue 116   
   Dane Shadow 116p 
   Eltonjon 116   
   Gator 116   
   Star Cat 116   
21   Brains Trust 115   
   Cateclipse 115p 
   Econsul 115   
   Genius And Evil 115   
   Outback Prince 115   
   Samboy 115p 
   Way West 115   

Three-Year-Old Timeform Handicaps

 RankHorse    TFE   
 Exceed And Excel 126   
 Reset 124   
   Spark Of Life 124   
   Starcraft 124   
 Grand Zulu 123   
 Regimental Gal 122   
 Ambulance 121   
   Niello 121   
 Allgunadoit 120   
   Cross Current 120   
   Delzao 120   
   Special Harmony 120   
   Taikun 120   
14   Abdullah 119   
   Classy Dane 119   
   Elvstroem 119   
   In Top Swing 119   
   Lago Delight 119   
   Mufti 119   
   Russian Pearl 119   
   Shamekha 119   
   Sharp 119   

Four-Year-Old Timeform Handicaps

 RankHorse    TFE   
 Private Steer 123   
 Clangalang 122   
   Mummify 122   
   Thorn Park 122   
   Yell 122   
 Platinum Scissors 120   
   Star Of Florida 120   
   Titanic Jack 120   
 Dantana 119   
10   Lovely Jubly 118   
   Sportsman 118   
   True Glo 118   
13   Natural Blitz 115   
14   Brief Embrace 114   
   Half Hennessy 114   
   Sound Action 114   
   Takeover Target 114   
   Victory Vein 114   
19   Before Too Long 113   
   Fiery Venture 113   
   Hardrada 113   
   Regal Roller 113   
   Shower Of Roses 113   

Five-Year-Old and Older Timeform Handicaps

 RankHorse    TFE   
 Lonhro 128   
 Grand Armee 125   
   Vinnie Roe 125   
 Mamool 124   
 Defier 121   
   Fields Of Omagh 121   
 Pentastic 120   
   Shogun Lodge 120   
   Super Elegant 120   
10   In Time's Eye 119   
   Into The Night 119   
   Mistegic 119   
   Our Egyptian Raine 119   
   Spinning Hill 119   
15   Bomber Bill 118   
   Chong Tong 118   
   Excellerator 118   
   Holy Orders 118   
   Make Mine Magic 118   
   One More Round 118   
21   Dress Circle 117   
   Jardines Lookout 117   
   Makybe Diva 117   

1 August 2003 to 31 Jul 2004

The Timeform data appearing on www.racingandsports.com.au is the intellectual property of Racing and Sports Pty Ltd and may not be used by any person or entity for any commercial purpose without prior, written approval from Racing and Sports Pty Ltd. Any infringement of this intellectual property will be the subject of legal proceedings. For approvals or more details please contact [email protected].

Timeform Ratings symbols and abbreviations
The following symbols are used with (or sometimes in place of) Timeform Ratings.
pcommonly referred to as a small 'p'; the horse is likely to improve
Pcommonly referred to as a large 'P'; the horse is capable of much better
+the horse may be better than rated
?the rating is suspect or (used alone) the horse is out of form or cannot be assessed with confidence
§the 'Timeform squiggle'; the horse is unreliable (for temperamental or other reasons)
§§the 'double squiggle'; the horse is so unsatisfactory as to be not worth a rating
xa poor jumper
xxso bad a jumper as to be not worth a rating

TF Background
Historical Timeform Ratings - Australia

Current Season
2yo's Timeform Ratings
3yo's Timeform Ratings
4yo's Timeform Ratings
5yo+ Timeform Ratings

Top Timeform Runners

2yo Runners

115 Chauffeur
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R6 1400m
115 Gunnison
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R6 1400m
115 Invader
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R6 1400m
115 Tulip
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R6 1400m
114 Trapeze Artist
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R6 1400m
114 Veranillo
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R6 1400m
113 Frolic
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R6 1400m
113 Property
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R1 1100m
111 Limestone
1/04/2017 BENDIGO R3 1000m
111 The Mission
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R6 1400m
110 Menari
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R6 1400m
110 Summer Passage
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R6 1400m
110 Wait For No One
1/04/2017 BENDIGO R3 1000m

3yo Runners

126 Astern
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R8 1200m
123 Gingernuts
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R7 2400m
120 Prized Icon
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R7 2400m
120 Russian Revolution
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R8 1200m
119 Hey Doc
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R9 1600m
118 Inference
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R7 2400m
118 So Si Bon
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R7 2400m
117 Jon Snow
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R7 2400m
116 Acatour
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R2 1600m

4yo Runners

125 Le Romain
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R9 1600m
124 Palentino
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R9 1600m
121 Spieth
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R8 1200m
118 Antonio Giuseppe
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R9 1600m
116 English
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R8 1200m
116 Japonisme
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R8 1200m

5yo Runners

125 Chautauqua
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R8 1200m
125 Hauraki
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R9 1600m
122 Ecuador
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R9 1600m
122 Tosen Stardom
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R9 1600m
121 Arod
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R9 1600m
121 Dibayani
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R9 1600m
121 Happy Clapper
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R9 1600m
121 Malaguerra
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R8 1200m
121 Terravista
1/04/2017 RANDWICK R8 1200m

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