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Final Report PDF

Armed with the power of First Cut, our analysts then further interrogate the information this provides.

Adding in factors like track condition, pace, predicted peak ratings and suitability of race provides us with an even clearer picture of the likely outcome of a race.

Then personal input of Racing & Sports' experienced team of handicappers, headed by Timeform's official Australian handicapper Gary Crispe and critically acclaimed analyst Nathan Exelby is incorporated to produce a accurate asssement of a horse's true ability.

This final assessment makes up the Racing and Sports FINAL REPORT.

Click here to view an example of Final Report

Racing and Sports Final Report has been in the trial phase for some time and we are now proud to release it to the public.

The Racing and Sports Final Report will be a specialised product, concentrating on selected races, as assessed by our analysts to be the best betting propositions for each race day. Generally, these races will focus on meetings from Sydney and Melbourne, but occasionally will feature races from Brisbane and Adelaide (specifically, at carnival time for those two venues).

Entire meetings will be covered, with a Star System in place to identify the better betting races.

Final Report will be available on race morning from 9:30am.

For information on how to use Computer RaceCards click here.
Regular Price: $33.00 (Inc. GST)
All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)