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Firstly, a Racing and Sports profile is free to join. It is a service which allows you greater access to services, tools, newsletters and competitions on Racing and Sports.

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You will need to create a Racing and Sports profile to gain access to services such as the BlackBook, StrikeOne, Racing and Sports Newsletter and the Forum.
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Member Services
As a Racing and Sports member, you will have access to the Racing and Sports BlackBook, StrikeOne Selection, HorseStats, RaceStats and Assessed Odds Subscriptions, Site messaging facility, Avatar gallery, and much more....

Safer Interaction
You may now interact with other Racing and Sports members by sending a message to their Racing and Sports Inbox. This allows safer communication so members do not have to give out their private email address.

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Computer RaceCards PDF - Overseas

Our IT team, headed by Robert Vilkaitis and universally regarded as the most outstanding racing information technology specialists in the country, has for some years been developing formulas and analytical programs that provide our Handicppers with a technological edge over our rivals.

Click here to view an example of Computer RaceCards

Click Here to View the Computer Cards Explanation

With the aid of those formulas, when combined with Racing & Sports Ratings database, our Handicappers have developed what is now known as COMPUTER RACECARDS.

We have been monitoring results from the Computer RaceCards and the results have been quite astonishing.

Computer RaceCards is currently running at a success rate of 26% winners rated on top, for EVERY TAB MEETING IN AUSTRALIA EVERY DAY.

Furthermore, the Computer RaceCards is finding 80% of race winners in its top 6 selections.

This powerful tool is now available to the public each and every day.

For information on how to use Computer RaceCards click here.
Regular Price: $5.50 (Inc. GST)
All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)