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Our new speedmaps aim to make reading a race a lot easier and help you to pinpoint who are the most advantaged or disadvantaged.

We achieve this using a twostep process.

The first step displays the field and each runner's average early speed in MPS.

If you feel a stable is more likely to be positive or negative from a certain barrier you can move a horse as you see fit.

To scratch a horse, you simply slide the horse back to zero, this removes it from the grid.

This first step should also show you if a certain race has a lot of speed or in fact lacks obvious pace.

As a result you can ease a horse out of a likely speed battle, conversely you can move other horses to be more prominent.

Once satisfied with the expected race shape, you click update.

This then transfers you to our Settling Grid.

This uses the information you have inputted from step one to give you the predicted settling positions.

Here we see if a runner is likely to be caught wide or get the perceived dream run.

By clicking on each horse you can add in your own comments ie. blinkers on first time - more prominent?

Once complete you can print out the page or if logged in you can save it to your account.

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