Gary Still
Here is the lay thread for 2018. State your lay (eg MR7 #6) and reasons if possible. Specify a maximum lay price if you wish.

The Betfair SP lay price determines the type of lay:
SUPERLAYS are under $3 and bear $1,000 risk.
Ordinary Lays are over $3 and bear $500 risk.
Chicken Lays are over $10 and bear $0 risk.

Below are the results for the past three years. Abraham Froman and Racing2Win have been the Superlaying champions for 2016 and 2017 respectively, whilst Squid69 has been runner up with profits for three years in a row.

The Superlay thread yielded a profit of $7,989 in the 2017 year. Since its inception in 2015, Superlayers collectively have yielded a remarkable net profit of $2,929! The biggest money spinners over the three years have been:

Squid69 +$3,030 (played three years)
Abe Froman +$2,856 (played one year only)
Racing2Win +$2,578 (played two years)

Racing2win +$2,425
Squid69 +$2,163
Gladys +$1,835
Imajeel +$1,194
Mantank +$301
Khaptingly +$71

Abe Froman +$2,856
Squid69 +$439
Khaptingly +$289
Racing2win +$153
Imajeel -$2,676
Akavaroun -$4,699
Goldmoss 0

Gary Still +$774
Squid69 +$428
Man United -$428
Changaboy -$1,000
Akavaroun -$1,196
Khaptingly $0

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Sheeeite, I blew that fair and square...

Oh well back to holiday mode,,, see you all next year, and thanks Gary for the bookkeeping

I think that was pretty courageous Imaj eel. I like to see people have a go and back their judgment.

I was given some really good advice some time ago that you might like to consider.

The Betfair market is a brilliant indicator. There is some very shrewd money with both professionals and bookmakers either arbing or laying off. Watch the last ten minutes and you will see where the smart money is going.

If laying for a place, only lay when you can lay at least three for under 5/4.

When laying the favourite, if it is favourite on Betfair there is informed money there. If you lay, use the stake to back it for a place. If it gets rolled you have the stake plus a free place bet. If it wins, you have reduced the liability dramatically. This certainly helps the bottom line when you go through the runs of laying winners. Trust me, they come and they hurt.

Have a happy new year.

MR5 #11 Oceanex, One win on a heavy at the provicials in maiden class, not really what is needed here.

Possibly a horse of the future, but I don't feel that it is. Will either win, and make me look foolish, or not run a place.

Gary I would like to lay this horse to run out of the placings.

Happy New Year, and good punting to all

Imajeel's lay, Oceanex was not travelling well and traded up to $19 on Betfair as they rounded the turn. It just got there in a desperate surge to the line and looked a spent force. No one should be critical of the chance you took, Imajeel.

Mantank scored one of his two lays, but sadly finished in the red for the year.

The Superlayers this years did not perform as well as Superlayers of past years and as a result, all profits from past seasons evaporated in the final month of betting.

Congratulations to Imajeel for winning the Superlayers 2018 comp and achieving a profit for two consective years. A commendation to Mantank for taking it right up to Imajeel in the final week. It was a shocker for both Deadant and RedBaron, whilst Squid's single lay was to lay the best horse in the world, and was looking a distinct possibility for a $17,000 collect, until the last few hops.

Well done Imajeel! 2018 is your year! If the comp resumes, I hope you return to defend your title, because no other champion has yet done so. You took great risks and played hard right to the very end. Worthy winners never quit!

Mantank          SP     RISK  Pos

SR3 Bondi $3.70 $500 3rd +$185
SR6 Alizee $3.14 $500 WON -$500

Net loss -$315

MR5 Oceanex $1.40 $1,000 WON -$1,000 (laid to run unplaced).


Imajeel +$787
Mantank -$624
Squid69 -$1,000
Deadant66 -$1,138
RedBaron -$2,224

That is right. They just get barred!

Check out this site since Gary put the finishing touches on his masterpiece.

There would be more life on Heard Island at 2am than on this corpse.

Bad luck Mantank. So close to nailing both of them. Apart from Imajeel, I note that you too, have been a good supporter of the Superlay series.

You won $248 on Mastering (Ordinary lay - SP $3.02), but lost $1,000 on Cadogan (SP $2.50). Net loss of $752.

Leaderboard with one week to go.


Imajeel +$1,787
Mantank -$309
Squid69 -$1,000
Deadant66 -$1,138
RedBaron -$2,224

Welcome to the Chernobyl of the forum.

You have really got this thread humming along Gary.

Whose turn is it next to amuse us all with another train wreck. Why don't you have a go? You can base your selection(s) on some of L. Rex's ratings.

This site reminds me a bit of that hardware store that opened up to compete with the green shed.

You have to be able to cop a few losses from time to time to win at the laying game.

SR6 #1 Alizee - prefers further, long lay off, weight, p unders

SR3 #8 Bondi - unders for a horse that is yet to be fully proven

Time Test

Can't find any syd/ mel short ones, Gary [superlays]. If I can rustle up a couple over the next few days, I will try to help the thread stay alive.

Good punting and a Merry Xmas to you and yours.

It's not your fault Imajeel!

If a lay doesn't stand out, then don't lay it. I think you are currently in surplus over the three years you have played, so please don't jeopardise that.

The Groupies and Tod's tipping threads are as busy as five dollar hookers, but apart from you, the Superlay series has failed to sustain the interest of its participants.

Running it for only four months of the year has probably not helped. But the reality is that laying is not what most punters do and there is no point in running a comp where there is little or no demand for it.


MR9 Mastering.

Well Gary, it was you that punted Khap and I from your thread. I would have thought that perhaps you or someone from Team Dunderhead would have stepped up with all their great knowledge.

If you care to go over to Gooberlays today I will give you two to invest your hard earned on.

In the interim, why don't you just rename this thread "Superlaughs", the Baron certainly gave us all just that when he nominated those three absolute grenades before his tearful exit.

The forum wants to talk about winners (not whiners). Superlays can only ever attract a small sector of the punting fraternity.

Gooberlays was created as a personal bathroom for you and Khap, so you can constantly gaze at yourselves in the mirror. Enjoy the self adulation, talking to yourselves and each other about all your bullshit lays. You know, the ones where a lay is wrong and you miraculously trade out of it, and then when a lay is right, you make a king's fortune.

I will most definitely not be accessing your little dreamworld thread!

Thanks for all your kind words at Christmas Gary.

Is there any chance of making the bathroom a bit bigger. It seems like all your mates like to drop in on a regular basis, you included.

BR9 Cadogen

No "Figment" Bestie, more like the ventriloquist's dummy!!


Seven losing lays from your past eight lays? Racing is definitely not for You.

As for your Bestie, he is a liar and an imaginary troll. I doubt anyone believes anything both AKA say.

Redbaron does his lollies and throws in the towel like a spoilt kid. I will give him one thing, he is a quitter.

I don't think you would understand Loges, but everyone who lays horses has runs when a few get up. It's a bit like punting, sometimes you can back a few winners on the trot.

What counts is the overall performance for the week, month and year.

Baron came in, full of himself like all of Team Dunderhead, took on wrong priced horses and it was just a disaster waiting to happen. There was no strategy as like the rest of your Team, he just didn't understand percentages.

What is an "imaginary troll" Is that one that is not really there? Am I just a figment of your imagination?

Im done.
Laying is not for me.

MR4 Mr Quickie
BR6 Galtero
BR8 Our Crown Mistress

Redbaron we know laying is not for you, but did you mean to say that racing is not for you?

Silly Khrapper. That would be yourself to which you refer.

Deadant Wins $105 on his $500 Lay of Galtero at SP $5.75 whilst TheRedBaron has been shot down in flames and has decided to fold down his wings for the rest of the war. Manfred's loss on his three $500 lays was $895.


Imajeel +$1,787
Mantank +$443
Squid69 -$1,000
Deadant66 -$1,138
RedBaron -$2,224

With two Saturdays plus public holidays remaining in 2018, its not too late to catch Imajeel, folks.

So many questions to be answered...

1. Will Imajeel become the winner of Superlays - 2018?
2. Will the Superlayers finish in the black for 2018?
3. Will any of the former champion superlayers return for one more crack?
4. Will apathy spell the end of the Superlay series?

Stay tuned..

Always nice to see someone who takes their own advice, Baron.

Still feel like having a dig at Khap or myself when we get some wrong?

At least ours are short priced!

Great work Baron. You should register yourself as a charity.

TheRedBaron shoots down another 3 to take his tally to 6 straight. Well done Manfred; your recovery has been sure and steady since your horrid start.

RedBaron                 SP    RISK

BR2 Magnufighter $4.00 $500 4th +$167
BR3 Green Empire $8.12 $500 3rd +$70
BR4 Curdled $4.80 $500 0th +$132

Net profit +$369


Imajeel +$1,787
Mantank +$443
Squid69 -$1,000
Deadant66 -$1,243
RedBaron -$1,329

BR 6 no 6 Galtero - 5 weeks between runs.

BR2 Magnufighter
BR3 Green Empire
BR4 Curdled

Nice work Manfred (aka Redbaron). Your other lay in SR5 was not counted, as it was over $10.


SR3 Problem Solver    $4.80   $500  0th   +$132

SR5 Dyslexic $4.00 $500 2nd +$167

Net profit +$299


Imajeel +$1,787
Mantank +$443
Squid69 -$1,000
Deadant66 -$1,243
RedBaron -$1,698

SR3 Problem Solver
SR5 Dyslexic
SR5 Smartedge

A black day for Superlay punters, but I'm sure the lads will bounce back next week.

Results and leaderboard:

Layer SP Laid Pos Profit
MR6 Fifty Stars $1.75 $1,000 WON -$1,000

Net Loss -$1,000

BR3 Plumaro $6.40 $500 WON -$500
BR7 Femme Fireball $3.31 $500 WON -$500
MR7 Calibration $4.37 $500 WON -$500

Net Loss -$1,500


Imajeel +$1,787
Mantank +$443
Squid69 -$1,000
Deadant66 -$1,243
RedBaron -$1,997

Damn! Some days you just shouldn't get out of bed. Then khrapper comes along and offers praise, lol.

Oh well, there will be other days.

Khap, your bragging rights are over. Your 7 lays (ordinary lays and superlays) since June 2018.

02/06/18 Egg Tart WON $2.38 -$1,000
14/07/18 Mount Kilcoy WON $3.56 - $500
06/10/18 Winx WON $1.06 -$1,000
06/10/18 Avillius WON $2.33 -$1,000
26/10/18 Sunlight LOST $5.74 +$105
27/10/18 Winx WON $1.28 -$1,000
06/11/18 Cross Counter WON $9.42 -$500
Net loss -$4,895

Very selective bunch there. Why not show my total record since I became the first one to provide lays on this site.

I know why you won't.

But thanks for committing so much time in reference to my contributions.

"Very selective bunch there. Why not show my total record since I became the first one to provide lays on this site"

Selective? The whole story of woe for the past 6 months is there for all to see.

"But thanks for committing so much time in reference to my contributions."

You couldn't wait to dump on the superlayers' poor performance yesterday, and I couldn't wait to reciprocate.

"Why not show my total record since I became the first one to provide lays on this site."

Holy khrap! I've been asking you to do that for 5 years. Why won't YOU?!!!

Just show one of your lays or tips WCF.

Your raison d'etre is to be L. Rex's head lad, reporting in on demand.

Show us your lays, glad bag.

Use the search button Tufnel. You know, the one you told us about that blew up in your face.

Dont waste your time searching for any of yours, there are none. Well not before the running of the race anyway.

Funny how these fools like Tufnel, Gary and WCF can use the search function to find past posts that suit them and their mission and their feeble existence.

These two are unders and should be layed at their present quote;

1. Sydney Race 5: Cradle Mountain

2. Ascot Race 8: Galaxy Star

Sorry Gladys, I'm putting you in the same camp as Khap - ie banned from competing in this thread.

Yeah, take your unsuccessful lays and sod off Gladys.

Who cares if I am banned from just lay this for a $10,000 exposure.

The Railway Stakes
Galaxy Star

I have already posted over 100 Lays with most of them correct for the best part of 2 decades.

Why would I repeat myself and post them again. I am not one to repeat things over and over except when it comes to Aussie sports and racing and when trying to get punters to avoid odds-on chances.

If you want to see them you search for them. It not that hard for most people, I said most people.

MR6 #8 Fifty Stars.

Going from restricted BM races to G3. Three of the top four have Group winning form and overall class stronger than this horse. Plus he is yet to race beyond 1400 metres, so if he can be laid at $3.50 or less, he should be.

Listed as $2.50 chance on this site on Fri night.

Good luck all

Not lays, but 2 in Sydney to not get carried away with..

SR1 Roheryn, the #2 meets him 5kg better than last meeting.

SR8 Seasons will struggle in this field. Posted at $2.30 in todays daily telegraph, but likely to start longer, and he should.

MR7 Lay Calibration
BR3 Lay Plumaro
BR7 Lay Femme Fireball

0/3 jeez that went well didnt it.
I couldnt tip water out of a bucket...

Imaj eel and redbaron absolute duffers when it comes to racing.

I think we knew that already. They would sooner knock other posters than provide anything worthwhile. They are not alone.

Imajeel is quickly becoming a Suplerlaying legend as he scores two superb lays which both finished unplaced. Mantank was impressive to again add to his tally, whilst TheRedbaron was doing nicely until Skyboy just held on to deny him a debut hatrick.
Results and leaderboard below.

Layer SP Laid Pos Profit
MR2 Lucky for All $3.22 $500 0th +$225
MR8 Blair House $2.59 $1,000 0th +$629

Net profit +$854

MR7 Redzel $3.27 $500 0th +$220
MR8 Extra Brut $5.24 $500 3rd +$118

Net Profit +$338

MR2 Danon Runyon $3.00 $750 0th +$375
SR3 Sugar Dance $4.90 $500 0th +$128
SR6 Sky Boy $1.90 $1,000 WON -$1,000

Net Loss - $497

Imajeel +$2,787
Mantank +$443
RedBaron -$497
Squid69 -$1,000 (Laid Winx $1.05)
Deadant66 -$1,243

I said place it on Lucky Dan. That horse is going to run second. Theres been a mistake. I want my money back..

Good positive thread Gary. Call me Manfred.

OK Ill go with
MR2 Danon Runyon
SR3 Sugar Dance
SR6 Sky Boy

No worries.

Lay MR7 Redzel
Lay MR8 Extra Brut

Thought I would give this a try just for the hell of it.

MR2 Lay Danon Roman
MR3 Lay Ringerdingding
MR7 Lay Redzel
MR9 Lay Eurack
SR3 Lay Sugardance
SR6 Lay Sky Boy
SR8 Lay Sedition
SR9 Lay Seasons

No particular reasons, except that I like others
to win these races.

You have been told redbaron. Once you enter this thread you are under the direction and rulings of Gary. Don't dare pick a lay that ends up losing only because it was "unlucky". You will get it all guns blazing and told you were lucky, because it was unlucky.

Obviously there is a limit too, on the number of lays, one can have in a day. Imagine the bookmakers and TAB's telling punters they can have 3 only bets a day.

We are certainly in the "centre of no reason".

TheRedBaron, good to see you here!

I shudder to think that somebody could nominate a lay in every race in every state, so please pick your best three and resubmit your lays.


Laying two at Flemington, might not be a good idea, but they are the only two "shorts" I can find. AAP prices of $2.20 and $2.10 as at 6.00pm on Fri.

MR2 Lucky for All - Class jump will be a test for him.

MR8 Blair House - Aussie form is at Caulfield so far. I think the Flem straight will be too strong for him and that Latrobe, Shillelagh, and Extra Brut will cause him problems.

Good luck all

Gary, would you be so kind as to include my lays delivered on Khrapper's two threads?

They were Yucatan in the Cup along with Amphritrite and Veery Eleegant in the Oaks. There were 3 others as well, but they would'nt qualify (not many below $10 in a Cup field!)


As much as I'd like to, I can't. Had the lays backfired, they would NOT have been included in your results. Only lays posted in this thread are counted.

I wish you had nominated them on this thread! I was wondering why you hadn't.

First try for Mantank this year and well done. Not a superlay, but a handy profit which puts you in the black and on the board.

Imajeel, is that you in my Superlay payout queue again?! You’re a fearless superlayer who is consistently taking on the shorts. Can you keep it up? Do you need to keep it up? Your only blemish so far is a small margin defeat a couple of weeks ago. Brilliant work.

Results and leaderboard below.

Layer SP Laid Pos Profit
Imajeel MR3 Savatiano $2.12 $1000 0th +$893
Mantank MR7 Sunlight $5.74 $500 0th +$105

Imajeel +$1,933
Mantank +$105
Squid69 -$1,000 (Laid Winx $1.05)
Deadant66 -$1,243

Imajeel and Deadant as your lays were over $3, they qualified as ordinary lays (not superlays), meaning that only $500 could be risked on your choices. Well done Imajeel, you are showing consistency, while Deadant’s lay unfortunately backfired.

Results and leaderboard below.

Layer SP Laid Pos Profit
Imajeel SR4 High Bridge $3.15 $500 0th +$159
Deadant MR2 Ranier $3.34 $500 WON -$500

Imajeel +$1,040
Squid69 -$1,000
Deadant66 -$1,243

MR3 #2 Savatiano

Untried this dist. and track. Has to give 3kg to #6, who was only 0.2 of a length behind her at their last meeting. Also the #6 has track and dist. placings and there are others that also seem to me, to be stronger.

A good lay at any price less than $4.50.

Good luck all

Tonight in the Manikato - MR7 #14 Sunlight

3yo fillies rarely win WFA sprints.

RANIER – MR 2 no 4

No Reason - Just Because.

Syd R4 #4 High Bridge,

Metrop form thru BrimhamRocks looks poor. Two wins prior were weak Sydney midweekers. The #2 horse has better English form.

A lay at $3.50 or less.

Thanx and good luck all

In the Group races, I'm laying the Faves that are from NSW and having their first run at Caulfield.

MR8 #10 - D'Argento
MR8 #12 - Unforgotten
MR9 #1 - The Autumn Sun


Imajeel, another smart lay with Smart Melody running last! Deadant, you had a chance when Autumn Sun was caught three wide, but your hopes were vaporised in the straight.
Results and leaderboard below.

Layer SP Laid Pos Profit
Imajeel MR6 Smart Melody $2.24 $1,000 0th +$806

Deadant MR8 Dargento $4.80 $500 0th +$132
MR8 Unforgotten $4.99 $500 0th +$125
MR9 Autumn Sun $1.80 $1,000 WON-$1,000
Deadant66 net loss-$743

Imajeel +$881
Deadant66 - $743
Squid69 -$1,000

MR6 Smart Melody looks vulnerable to me.
Should be able to lay around 6/4, 2/1.

Luck to all

Imajeel and Squid69, the risks were worth taking as both of you came so close! The result was in doubt right up until the last few strides.

Squid your result would have been huge as the SP on Winx was $1.06 and would have resulted in a $17,000 profit! You were both right in your assessment of risks, but unfortunately have nothing to show for your good work.

Imajeel you are still showing a surplus and with so few competitors at this point, you are on top of the ladder. Your results are below. Great effort guys.

Imajeel +$75
Squid69 -$1,000

Superlayer SP Laid Pos Profit
Squid69 MR5 Winx $1.06 $1,000 WON -$1,000
Imajeel MR7 Avilius $2.73 $1,000 WON -$1,000

Nothing has changed! When Khap lays them, double your win stake on them.

Cheers, Loges.

I am sure Gary is impressed that Loges and WCF have changed the theme of this thread and made it all about me. That was always going to happen and in they pounced on cue. WCF no class and no brains and never provides a tip to back or lay pre race. Never has and never will. I do, even if it is sometimes just to get a reaction.

WCF, for over 2 decades now I would turnover more on gambling each week than you will ever collect from your dole queue in a year, so don't get yourself too excited about my tips on here.

Yet again Khrapper shows himself to be the worst tipster, least knowledgeable poster and the person with the least class on here.

Yet again Winx was amazing.

Well, that was one of her better wins. The best horse in the world had to pull out all stops, but she showed her absolute class.

I would have liked to see Williams on Kings Will Dream go outside the leader to get more clear room, tried one of his “pretty”rides but it didn’t cost the win. Caufield Cup is his for the taking.

I tip my hat to the great mare. We’ll never see another like her.

3 cheers for Gary

I am going to do the unthinkable.

MR5 - 2 - Winx

While this seems to be really dumb, she did look in a little trouble briefly last time (watch the video of Bruce McAvaney watching the race, he thought so too). She is a year older, first start back the Melbourne way.

I really think Kings Will Dream will give her one hell of a race. He has been so very impressive each start this campaign, with a couple of chequered passages.

Craig Williams on, up to 2,000m. Both positives. Slightly smaller field too. D K Weir - say no more. Humidor was the horse to push her closest of late, and Kings Will Dream is going almost as well as he was last year.

I hope it doesn’t happen, but this is the horse who could do it.

Preparing for egg on face....

Squid, I can't see why you would have egg on face for nominating a monster lay!

Yes, she did appear to be in trouble last start! But she also seemed to be in trouble against Humidor in the Cox Plate, seemed to be conceding too much ground when trying to run down Red Excitement, and of course the day she bombed the start when she caught the leader on the wire.

Hope you're wrong, but thanks for playing hard and good luck.

I will also name Winx as a Lay at Flemington on 6 Oct 2018.

I was contemplating this Lay selection today and decided to go ahead, then I noticed Squid has done the same. I am not just going along with his choice, and being a copy cat. I have my own reasons and feelings on this selection and other racing matters. Many of which have been documented over the years, as you all know.

However, I will say it can hardly be egg on the face if it wins at $1.15

Khap, I told Squid there would be no egg on his face if Winx wins. You copied his tip and then you mocked my reasoning as an escape.

You have repeatedly said that you are not interested in this thread "I don't care for your silly laying comps Gary. I will name lays when I want and it not relevant to me what comp result you want to play with. I don't have to give reasons either."

I'm pretty sure I started this comp because of you. I would hate to see it end, because of you! I make this decision reluctantly, but to minimise the chances of future abuses, I have to rule this way.

You are out of this competition this year and all future years.

I suggest you continue posting your lays, or Khrapperlays on your "Todays Lay", or "Lay this" threads and stay away from here. Nothing personal.

Gary Still.

PS. Gee that felt good.

My Lays today are

Melbourne Race 5 Winx
Melbourne Race 7 Avillius

Not interested Khap. I gave you four years to put up or shut up. Post them on your own threads as you usually do.

You are being mischievous and are no longer an allowed player on the Superlays thread, but I may be starting a comp called Supergutless, for which you would qualify.

Sat 6/10 Flem race 7 Avilius.

Goes up 2.5 k
Goes to Flem first time
Goes to 2500m first time
Meets a large group of battle hard true stayers, 9 of which have 2 or more wins at 2400m and further.

I believe the distance, weight, and field quality mean that he is at best a 7/1 chance, and should be laid at any price less than 11/4, ie 5/2 or less and he is a serious lay.

MR7 #6 Natural Strip

$2.2 in aap early markets. I believe will struggle in the class.

Great start Imajeel. Nature Strip Sp'd at $1.93 and was smashed!

Imajeel SP Laid Pos Profit
MR7 Nature Strip $1.93 $1,000 0th + $1,075

I will take my winnings from Tequila Time and lay:

MR8 #1 Iconoclasm; currently at $2.20.

MV worries me. Big horse, big stride. So does the 61.5kg. But I liked the second horses run last time they met.

Just a hunch really - 3yos can improve from run to run, so Im happy to back one of them to beat it.

That's two successful superlays in a row. Nice work Goldmoss!

The comp hasn't resumed for 2018 yet, but everyone is welcome to do their trackwork here.

Incredibly, the past three years have seen an overall profit.

I'm hoping that we can build on that, so good luck superlayers; we are now open for business!

Today I am laying Egg Tart at the Sunshine Coast.

You laid Egg On Face?! The horse wins by 3 lengths running away. That so sums up your life, Khrapper.

If only you'd put some of the last 18 years into punting, rather than pointless Aussie bashing ....

Clip Clop. Clip Clop. ROFLMAO

Tequila Time - they are trying to strike while the iron is hot. A big afterthought. Back 200m. Only one of them on the up has to beat it. Lots of last start winners. Reckon its vulnerable at $2.60.

Previous Superlay threads have not started until later in the year, so this thread will remain dormant, until I announce it as open.

Otherwise, I'd have to run this for an entire 12 months!

Just when I thought I might get a leg up on the field and tear away to an early lead, make them chase instead of playing catch up, lol.

Have a good break, what you do shows Awesome Pluck.

No time for an explanation, off to umpire local Cricket.

Caulfield Race 5 - Eurack

I think there are two at very short odds today who may struggle to win first up.

Melbourne Race 8: Redzel

Sydney Race 8: Alizee

A good lay in Melbourne today. Way unders having never won at the distance nor in the class.

Melbourne Race 6: Brave Smash.

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