Anyone for cricket - it is spectacular

I have arrived to start this thread as soon as I could. We all know how Rex and his simple mates will be banging on the keyboard and waiting to see my posts.

What a day it has been. The news reports called it a spectacular Aussie batting collapse. Spectacular indeed, glorious in fact. Predictable. The Aussies have proven to be everything I have said about them. That is why Rex will tell you himself he has been reading my posts for 16 years. So have many others, like you reading this now. And it is no wonder. All my cricket predictions and assessments of the Aussies are proven correct again. Why don't all Aussie teams, especially cricket teams, stay in Aussie. They have enough of a task winning at home.

And today's historic Aussie capitulation was just in time for all the night news bulletins and the next day newspapers. But you will be hearing about this day for years and not just on this forum.

Now I invite you all to talk cricket. Oi oi oi.
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We flogged those Poms didn't we. What a great team they are. Just remind us all how they went against the West Indies. I understand the Windies are rated even lower than the Pakis.

 "Beating the Poms and then falling over the line against the 6th ranked Paki's, well I would not be gloating about that."

But Krapper, you were happy to gloat at the prospect of the Aussies being beaten by those two teams and now that its all blown-up in your face, you tell me that I shouldn't be gloating about their win. Well, I'm not gloating about their win, I'm gloating about you making yourself look like a fool, yet again. You and 'ol  Glad make a great team, Captain and first-mate on the Ship Of Fools. Been to watch any AFL matches at the WACA lately? 

You and Gladys really are the original clueless couple of Racing And Sports.

Thanks again for the laughs.

Count at least you don't beat up on soft targets like the Aussies. Beating the Poms and then falling over the line against the 6th ranked Paki's, well I would not be gloating about that. How did they go against the Indian's last season. The injury stricken Indians, on our home turf. Please remind us all. 

Great title for your thread Krapper, those Aussies are 'Spectacular' indeed.

First the Aussies clean-up the Poms 4-0 in the Test out here and then they travel to Pakistan and clean-up the Paki's 1-0 in their own back yard.

Just a pity that the premise of your thread has blown-up in your face, but then again, that's the story of your life.

You and Gladys certainly make a great comedy tag-team. Keep 'em coming.


Yes Glad, and you're lucky I'm not charging you rent, as you certainly couldn't afford to pay it, if your hopeless punting efforts are anything to go by.

How's that apology going?

You don't have to call on Khap to get me back on Chivas. I am always available as I live inside your cretinous head.

Hey Krapper, good to see you're back from your long, self-imposed exile. 'Ol Glad has been keeping us entertained while you've been in hiding, and she's made some hilariously embarrassing gaffes, something you can, no doubt, relate to.

This is her best one to date  'Load up on the lay in Brisbane as after that there will be no value they will be so long in the betting. Load up on the lay in them winning the series too. Money for old rope as these cheaters choke and fumble and blame everyone except their own miserable lack of talent.'

That is so hilarious and clueless, it makes me wonder whether you're writing her material for her.

Anyhow, good to have you back, see if you can find Gladys and bring her back too, the more laughs the better.

What a spectacular fail for the Aussie cricket team in Pakistan. How many wickets did they in the first Test, four was it. Then comes the 2nd Test and they end up over 400 in front on the first innings. What does the Aussie captain do? Has another bat!!. They sh!t themselves, they did not want to bat last. So having decided to bat again and extend the lead, they decide 97 was enough. Enough to cost them enough time for them to win the match in bowling out Pakistan a second time. They fall 3 wickets short. Simply put, they thought they were better than what they are. They thought it would be a breeze to bowl out Pakistan a second time, but of course the Aussies are obviously not as good as they think they are. The Aussies have found another spinner after a decade with no opposition to Nathan Lyon. Trouble is in the Pakistan 2nd innings, he bowled 53 overs for no wickets. That's right, none. That just shows you how bad the spinning ranks are in this country. Further emphasised by the fact that Lyon remains there after all these years. As for the draw, sucked in you overated mugs.   

I see that our sledging ill mannered cricket team has been given a lucky break. They have called off the South African tour which should save them more humiliation and embarrassment.

They will probably use this spare time to whinge about money and think up some more of those hilarious sledges like the dopey captain's comments on Ashwin that inspired another humiliating defeat.

I am sure time will pass quickly for these overrated duds as they get ready for a total thrashing from the poms at the end of the year.

I agree completely Khap. One did not need to be "Einstein to work out which direction Australian cricket would go when they appointed that moron Langer as their head coach. The opportunity existed to either recruit Trevor Bayliss or Jason Gillespie, but no, bring back one of the boys to ensure that our title as the World's best sledgers, whingers and big heads lives on. I don't understand how he could have any impact on a team in a positive way as the poor bloke struggles to put three words together. Maybe with the intellect of a few of the players that is all that is needed.

Perhaps to rebuild some confidence they could set off on a tour of say New Guinea. They could play a few high school teams and if they manage a couple of draws or the losses are not too bad they will return a better outfit. Who knows, that new all rounder might be able to get his first wicket and if the fields are relatively small, no one will notice how poorly our fields are set.

I see those that have tried to defend Aussie cricket and cricketer, the same fools that criticised Gladys and I, have remained hidden under their rocks.

I also see the Aussies are not at the top in any form of cricket, according to the rankings. Importantly, in Test cricket, they are number 3, and are lucky to be there. If not for the poor standard of other teams/countries playing the game, the Aussies would not be keeping afloat at 3. I think they are in strife, there are grim days ahead, unless they get a soft run by playing Zimbabwe and the like a few times. In fact the Aussies are almost on life support, compared to great teams of the 30, 40 years ago. Give me the names 3 current players worth watching if you disagree.

The Aussie coach is telling us that the population of India is around 1.5 billion. I don't see that an excuse for the Aussies inept performance. He is making it sound like it is some overnight revelation of just how large the population is.

Keep up the good work Gladys and keep letting everyone know how it really is with this overated and under performing bunch. I wonder when others will stop living in dream time and see Aussie cricket and the team as it really is. I wonder how Rex is coping with another massive fail by the Aussies. We have not seen Rex and his mates like Manu, MD and Tufnel for some time now and the performance by the Aussies won't see them crawl out from under their rocks and return here any time soon. That will at least save a few Aussies from sledging, Rex would even be telling us that we are stupid.

Oi, Oi, Oi.  

Our genius of a coach says that we will learn from this and become a better team. He is probably going to hire a stand up comedian to teach these dunderheads some more sledging lines.

I used to think that our pathetic teams of the 1980's would never be rivalled for hopelessness but I think we have a new winner. They could not beat a team full of net bowlers and reserve batsmen. Out played, out thought, just totally humiliated in front of their own crowd. If not for Covid then perhaps a full house could have informed these dunces of what the general population think of their pathetic display of sportsmanship.

What a fabulous win by an under-manned Indian team. What another epic failure by the most overrated team in world sport. They are an embarrassment to Australia. Loud mouth, spoilt imposters. But hey, I told you so. In fact I have been telling you all for years and years. 

The Aussie captain could not wait until he got the Indians to Brisbane. He should be more careful what he wishes for in future. Oi, Oi, Oi.

What a fabulous effort by our loud mouthed captain and his team of sledgers against an Indian team made up of net bowlers and reserve batsmen.

I wonder what spin that dead head of a coach and the entourage put on this humiliating loss.

Just how silly does our loud mouthed captain and his band of sledgers look after being beaten comprehensively by an Indian team made up of net bowlers and reserve batsmen at fortress Brisbane.

I bet they hope the tour of South Africa gets cancelled. 

The Aussies. What an overated bunch of cricketers, the most overated team in world sport. A few weeks ago, the commentators and journalists were falling over themselves telling us that we are on the horizon of a grand era of Aussie cricket. How are they going to fit all these up and comers into the team they said. Who are they going to drop, to squeeze in this new talent and when will it happen, they added. It is laughable. Just like it was all those years ago. 

They lost Warner due to injury and they cannot find a recognised opener to replace him. One batsmen down due to injury and not one other person can stand up. The young "superstars" we kept hearing about are struggling. We all know the reasons why Paine is captain and he is a good one but who would be the Wicketkeeper  if those bizarre circumstances that led to Paine's rise, did not occur. They have had the same spinner in the side for 9 years and there has been no one else even contemplated to be good enough that could take his place now or in the near future. What a disgrace. The fielding is attrocious. Do they have fielding and catching practice? They have the world believing that they are a professional team. The fielding efforts alone show that is a false illusion. They demanded pay rises last year and what a prolonged saga that was. They did not deserve a pay rise then and should be handing it back now.. They think they are better than they are. The fact that the standard of world cricket is so poor is keeping their ranking as high up as it is. 

Even you would have to agree Khappo that the whole reason we lost was that these poor cricketers are just not paid what they are worth. They need to have a hair cut,take a cut in pay,or CA needs to find some players who can WIN.

To answer Rex's question refer to Albert Einstein.Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

Good racing starting again so some big results will be available if we analyse together.

Cheers all,The Pig.


You don't follow international racing you say- you obviously don't watch much cricket outside of Australia either.

Bangladesh have been playing some good cricket recently.

At home in the last 2 years they have have won matches against Sri Lanka, England, Zimbabwe and now Australia, and they have drawn series with India and South Africa.

For once in your forum life, do some research Khappo. The Bangladesh side are not the easy beats of old champ- at least not at home.

I would suggest the very young West Indian side beating England in their own back yard, especially after being trounced so badly in the first test, was a far bigger upset.

And for the record champ- I hold dual citizenship. Your anti aussie trolling is not the reason i reply to some of your posts, its your stupidity that amuses me.

Although I must admit- I am curious to what type of adult iwould continue to frequent the same forum maintaining the same facade for near on 20 years. A very bored, lonely messed up one I would think!

Rex tells us that Bangladesh have been playing some good cricket lately. Well good enough to defeat the despairing despised Aussies anyway. The Aussies who finally got into a winning position after being outplayed for much of the game. And yes they found a way to lose again.

Remember around 18 months ago when the Aussie test team was flagging and the inclusion of several new batsmen were going to save the world. They have not saved the Aussies.

Of greater concern regardless how well Bangladesh are playing is that the Aussies can't find a replacement for Wade. Probably because there is no one. Who are the next Aussie spinners after Lyon? You can't tell me anyone is serious about O'Keefe or Agar. It all goes back to what I have repeated for almost a decade. That Aussie cricket is in a pathetic position, we have recently seen the worst Aussie test teams in living memory and the domestic competition has little talent shining through. Remember almost 20 years ago all the misguided galahs were suggesting Aussies could produce 2 competitive test teams. Now Aussie can't produce 1.

Rex have you read the major newspapers from a couple of the Aussie major capital cities this week? Have you caught up with the readers comments in those newspapers. There are pages and pages of comments showing just how despised and and unpopular the Aussie cricketers are. I have been complimentary in comparison.



Im in Venice at the moment enjoying the food, wine and the beautiful city itself. Why would I be even slightly concerned about how popular the current Aussie team are or aren't with you and in the Australian papers?

Try getting out of Perth some time champ. Broadening your horizons, it may help sort out all those issues you have.

Rex, why do you defend the predicament that the Aussie sports teams and individuals are in at the moment? Even you would admit that performances have been miserable over recent years. Even the netball girls lost a series to the Kiwi's for the first time in a decade. The Aussies are really at rock bottom as far as recent sporting achievements. The Aussie cricket team is the worst in your lifetime.

And as most know so is the overall quality of Aussie bred racehorses. Winx and one other are far better than the opposition. The fact that these single out amongst the rest is another illustration of how bad the overall quality is. It may well be a world wide problem, which you are actually suggesting in your examples, but it is certainly an issue in Aussie. The depth and quality of Aussie group races in recent years shows it.

Why do you defend it? Just accept it the way it is.



I don't expect you to read or digest the following, let alone address any of it sensible. Its more for other forum users. But feel free to.

Sporting success for Australia ebbs and flows like it does for most nations. What you do is highlight only the negatives and never the positives. Basically you're trolling- and have been for a long time and its all a bit boring.

Ive agreed many times that our middle distance stock are now depleted. Ironically this is largely in part due to the 'here and now' attitude of owners buying ready made racehorses from other parts of the world- something you continue to state we should be doing more of! Go figure.

For the record, and I do have relevant spread sheets on this, the very large majority of European imports have been major flops in Australia.

Our sprinting divisional is exceptionally strong. You only have to have a look at the ratings and the results of Australian sprinters on the world stage. And if you don't believe in ratings, or you think all over those results are flukes please explain why so many power houses such as Darley, Coolmore etc are investing in Australia bloodlines- maybe they haven't a clue what they're doing?

On one hand your stating that Winx winning over 7F to10F so dominantly is proof we don't have any good horses over these trips in Australia and on the other hand your saying because no single sprinter has dominated the Australia sprint scene since Black Caviar its proof that our sprinters are ordinary. Talk about having a EW punt in a 2 horse field!

I takes me hat off to Lleyton who has demonstrated his champion qualities in guiding a sometimes fractious group of professional tennis players to be one match off a semi-spot in the Davis Cup.

Wishing them all the best today.

Don't tell me. More Aussie capitulations in the last day or so. Tennis and cricket. Just when they were about to win something overseas, teams in both these sports found a way to lose.

You won't see Rex comment on these. He will just tell us he has no interest in tennis, like he has no interest in rugby. He should have no interest in cricket and racing either based on some of his responses over the years.



Fav spots mate, Racing, Rugby League and AFL.

Racing-Have the worlds best sprinter and best turf horse

Rugby League- world champions

AFL- Hawks supporter- and as a fellow Hawks supported you and I both know we've had a pretty good run in recent times.

As for cricket- Im a bit old fashion, really couldn't give a hoot about the hit and giggle game. Its just there for a bit of entertainment. I wouldn't even know how many World Cups we've won?

The Aussies have now lost 10 ODI's in a row on overseas soil. Yes that is 10. Let me say it again, ten. They are bound to win one soon, or will they, but that will hardly be a saving grace.

Years ago I said they should never leave their own backyard. What a shame they ever do. Stay home get a real job and play at weekends if they must. And they recently negotiated for months over a pay deal. Another reason any wonder they are so disliked by the Aussie public.

When they are in the UK the excuse is that they can't play the Duke ball as it swings too much.

When they are on the sub continent the excuse is they cant play spin.

When they are in Sri Lanka the excuse is they cant play the straight ball.

Their only hope is to play on prepared roads in Australia and hope the opposition bowl full tosses and long hops.

The Poms that will be touring here soon are pretty useless but will absolutely towel these no hopers.

I laid them months ago and cant wait to see them get flogged.

Another loss for the Aussies now 11 in a row.

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