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How do you calculate the hcp column. Is it computer generated or do we enter it manually and if so how do you do that.

Theres no submit button and it doesnt change automatically, any ideas anyone?

Access to past neural info


Hi guys
I need to access the neurals from meetings for the last 3 months. Does anyone know how to access these?

Neurals changing


Hi guys,
I'm relatively new to the site, and have been investigating the neurals lately.
I'm finding something a little confusing. It appears the neurals (total) change, even when there is no perceivable alteration in the race. I understand the neurals changing with a scratching, causing a barrier change, or some other changes, like jockey or state of the track. I have been recording the neurals for a Sat. meeting on a Thurs. night, and quite often they change by Saturday morning, with as mentioned, no perceivable change in the race.
Is anyone able to enlighten me as to how this occurs?
I thank you in anticipation of your help.

Best settings


Im from UK
Can anybody guide me with best settings and how
To bet using neurals

Thanks in advance
I've built a database of neurals prices based on 100% book. To convert those to 115% book seems like a logical mathematical function, but it isn't!

If you use the preferences cookie to change the $ prices for a different % , it's not consistent. It can go either way?

Any ideas? It's not the first time I've asked the question of management for nil reply! What's the big secret, or is it a inherent fault that they don't want to admit to?

Essence of neural ratings


I have been following the Neural ratings for some considerable time and found them very helpful. I understand that the main thing of neural networks/ratings is that they should learn from their results. If this is so, should there be some consistent options or scores which should be taken.
Or do I have the wrong slant on them.
Can anyone assist me with an explanation of the preference scaling for the neural ratings?

There used to be an explanation on the old website but I cannot seem to locate it here.




Granted, no one would rate the neurals as perfectly accurate. But how on Earth is BC rated as 3.30 tonight with Zedi Knight the 2.10 top pick?!!!

It seems mainly because BC has been allotted only 1 point for Current Form and for Time (ZK has 112 and 70). But something is really amiss to have almost the closest thing to a certainty rated so dismissively. R & S, what happened?

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