Kick a Kah

Gary Still

I’m absolutely shattered that two months was added to her sentence.

The “false and misleading information” didn’t relate to a racing enquiry. It was a Covid enquiry for which she is already serving three months. She's the darling of the turf with an unblemished record. Her reluctance to snitch on a mate has seen her crucified.

I wish they had been content with the three months. Justice had already been served and the racing industry and public were more than satisfied.

Her sentence has gone from appropriate to brutal.


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Gary, I think the situation is really sad, but there is a law and we all have to adhere to it. Just read the news less to get upset. Walk and have fun more often. 


JMac and JKah are the best two in the country. And both have had their fair share of holidays! 


"I’m absolutely shattered that two months was added to her sentence."

Gary I think you should stop being so emotional and find something in life that gives you some fulfillment, resilience and to stop you being so sorrowful. In other words, get over it.

I completely agree with the punishment as handed down on both counts. Don't tell lies and the second penalty would not have eventuated. 

No, Tontonan the penalties should not have been concurrent. There should never be concurrent penalties, in my opinion. If the punishment for an infringement or a crime is 1 month and a separate punishment for a different infringement is 2 months, why should one get dissolved into the other. This happens too much and the less it occurs the better.


Garry : There was no cheating..."

  Well at least 2 of them were married ! But not to each other.

I have to agree Gary. The question stewards put to J Kah was poorly worded IMHO and could have been inferred in two ways. Only one answer would have been a deliberate lie.

I truly believe that Kah believes that she did not lie, and later when the question was reworded she gave a true reply. Mark Zahra also said he wasn't at the party because he was seated next to his wife.

These jockeys were total clowns, but the punishments are far in excess compared with the average Joe. Anyone could pay a fine or even get jail time, but would then be free to work immediately.

Haven't these stewards and VRT heard of concurrent terms. Little demigods trying to be strong . What would happen to Victorian racing if J Kah went overseas? 

Tonto and Speedy! I feel like I'm in a time warp! How times have changed since we last met. My avatar with soon have a mask.

Back to reality, I don't know if Kah was asked specifically whether Zahra was at the airbnb, or whether she was asked generally who else was in attendance. One is a greater lie than the other. 

I fully appreciate the racing authorities protecting the privilege of being allowed to race in an uncertain environment and wanting to demonstrate that nobody will be excused from putting the industry at risk. 

But Kah had nothing to gain personally from this. There was no cheating, no manipulating, no fraud, no theft, no scam, no drugs and no financial benefit. I'm bitterly disappointed with the disproportionate punishment given for her failure to dob in a fellow rider, on top of the punishment for the Covid breach.   


Greetings Gary.  Well said.  The penalties should be concurrent IMO. 

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