Hello? Hello? Hello?


Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone home?…

Punters dot com dot au is greed at its finest.

Welcome to your new home


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They should be locked or otherwise a complete boycott...i was on punters till the fee happened....bloody disgrace to be selling tips which they took 30% and now pay a monthly fee ...no thx.

Hi Limitless and others I've been a long time user of Racenet for nearly 15 years and they've also making their users to pay for reading stories, tips from their regular columnists and also your own Black Book service isn't accessible unless you pay a subscription!

What a disgrace and you know who took over Racenet?

Yes you guessed it PUNTERS.COM


Just noticed that punters is expecting you to pay $20 a month for forum access...

That to me seems like a lot

Nod      Nod     Nod

I’m home it’s just that I don’t have the light  on.

If I can have the opportunity to relate to everyone re my betting activities.

I feel I do a magnificent job for my community.

I don’t Bet very often but I know my Bookmaker wears magnificent suits (Armani I believe) at my expense.

The money I lose is not enough for him to purchase a new car.

But whenever he purchases a new suit I keep the tailor employed.

It’s the same when he goes on holiday.I keep people in the travel industry employed.

Same thing whenever he enters the best restaurants with his family.Imagine the amount of people that I support in the Food and Wine industry.

Honestly Limitless I do feel at times I am not given enough credit.


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