What is this abbreviation GRI?


What is GRI on the Performance Radar

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I’m baaaaack.

Well now Taleco77, seeing there hasn’t been an answer for nearly 3 years, I have to give my opinion, as I am the brains of the outfit.

I have not seen the thread you are referring to, so I am guessing a bit here, but as my wife says..You are never wrong!

In my opinion, GRI refers to integrity and accountability.

When you make a statement like Branded is “one of" the most handsomest men in the world, you have to be held to account. (But mirrors don’t lie)

I hope I have been helpful and if I have been “REALLY” helpful, donations may be left behind the winning post at Warwick Farm.

No one with the answer so far? Also looking forward to this. Cheers.

GRI can't mean Group 1 because one of my horses has some GRI on the Performance radar but definitely no Group 1 races.

WTF ???


maybe it is GR1 - for Group 1

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