Hong Kong Derby


Great race.

Recommend anyone interested to watch the replay.







The Tab Is Born


It was Angel Place in Sydney where the first TAB was or one of the first in NSW.About 1963 I think.No television just a radio.Angel Place was tucked away and me being under age loved sneaking in there like a crook.

Think they were 2/6 units originally.

Trying to remember how we put our bets on.

We had to fill out our betting ticket then hand it to the lady behind the counter one at a time.

I’m not sure what she did.

I think she copied it onto her tickets then put it in the machine and pulled the handle and our ticket would come out.

I remember being in the city with a mate on a Friday night and we scraped up some money to have a bet to be able to remain in the city.

Harold Park it was.Think his name wasPowerhouse. He led everywhere bar the post.Beaten a nostril about 10/1.

No money left so we had to go home(sounds familiar)

Does Anyone remember regarding the bets or are you all young whipper snappers and not too old in the tooth (should be lucky your got some)

Tipping The Programme


I have never tipped the programme (I just heard what you all said...Gee that’s a surprise)

The closest I ever came was at Harold park. I had six winners and the last was beaten a nose.I think her name was Boxleigh Lady.That was when they only had seven races on the card.

I have had many six winners but tipping the programme anywhere has eluded me.

I have had a hole in one at golf.

From the tee my ball ended up about a foot from the hole.

My mate said pick it up.

Seeing I only hit it once I class it as a hole in one.


Horses On The Move


Amazing how horses travel the world in these times.

Gaudeamus was bred in the USA.She then raced in Ireland and UK.

She then arrived in Australia.

Was sold at the Gold Coast Broodmare Sales in 2015 with a Champion in her belly.

Imagine if i’m the Auctioneer and I say....She has a Champion in her belly people.

They would order the truck to take me to the funny farm.

Her 2015 foal was sold at the Magic Millions for $120.000.

He was sold again at ready to the run sales by Element Hill for about $300.000??

He then ended up in Hong Kong and is racing tonight.

He has won 18 out of 19.

I think he is going for his 16 straight win. 

He is Golden Sixty and it will be fascinating to see if he can keep on his winning way.Time will tell.

He usually comes from the back.

His mum was bred in the USA went to Ireland and UK then Australia.

Golden Sixty was bred in Australia.(Maybe he was bought at the sales by a Nzer but I cannot verify that)

He then ended up in Hong Kong and had his first start as a three year old.

Fisher's Ghost Cup


Does anyone know what happened to the Fisher's Ghost Cup?

I was at a meeting where the Fisher's Ghost Cup was run. It could have been Bong Bong in the late 70’s. Don’t quote me on that.

When I was a little fella, we used to drive through Campbelltown on the way South to holiday. My father would scare the crap out of me when we drove over The Fishers Ghost Bridge. "Did you see that son? Fisher's Ghost was sitting on the fence".

In the 50’s we use to get a steam train to Campbelltown to have a picnic. Don’t think they had the electric rail until the 60’s. Don’t quote me on that either. Today the joint is a city.

I would appreciate anyone knowing anything about the Cup or maybe a resident from the area with some knowledge.

I can feel a Hamlet tale coming on, but i’ll save it.

First Tuesday


What do bloodlines mean ????

You look at Incentivise and what do you see.

Sire Shamus Award (2)wins Cox Plate and Australian Guineas.

Dam Miss Argyle (1) Placing as a 2 y.o.

As Incentivise steps up in distance he gets better.

His Caulfield Cup run was enormous.Five and Six wide at the winning post and then looking under pressure at the turn but when the whips were cracking he ran away from the field.He burnt the candle at both ends.

Peter Moody had one of greatest Sprinters of all time.Is  Incentivise elevating Moods into the top echelon of the Staying ranks.

Going back in Miss Argyles (Gai trained)pedigree is Bogan Road one of my fav I used to watch a loooong time ago.He was a brilliant young horse and then ran 2nd in the derby.

Love to hear from some of you clever fellas regarding the sectionals in the Caulfield Cup.

My first Melbourne Cup winner was Lord Fury.

Would love to hear some stories from everyone.






Gran triunfo de Calidoscopio en Estados Unidos or something like that.

Watch the top Argentinian show us how to win races.

Love it what a crowd pleaser.

There’s two races.

YouTube ...Just type Calidoscopio..

Changing Postcode & Country


It must break trainers hearts when a horse they have trained and educated move on to other stables and become top liners.

Anthony Cummings originally trained Might And Power.

We all know what he achieved.

He was also the trainer of Beauty Generation who raced hear under the name Montaigne.

I think he was fav for the derby but I cannot remember whether he started in it.

He went to Hong Kong and became one of their topliners under the name Beauty Generation.

Anthony May have lost another top horse but I cannot remember.

Vengeance of Rain became another topliner in Hong Kong 

He raced here under the name Subscribe and he won a race in Melbourne when Danny Nicolic rode him.

I think Lloyd Williams owned him when he was here.

Where’s Mine


Ubelievable    ????

Can someone tell me why our great champion from the depression has not a Group 1 named after him.

And can someone tell me why something unbelievable is BELIEVABLE  !!!!!! 

My golf ball landed in a bunker beside the green and a mate's ball landed in a bunker nearby. It took me eight shots to get out and only did so by playing to the side of the bunker, still not on the green.

My mate was in stitches, so I said your turn, smart @rse! He hit the ball at a thousand miles an hour. The flagstick shuddered and nearly snapped as the ball struck, and dropped to only a couple of inches from the hole.

I was still off the green and out of sheer embarrassment can't recall how many shots I took on that hole. If his ball didn't strike the flagstick, it would have ended up in Sydney Harbour.

On another occasion I had a few hours to spare so I decided  to have a hit. I played a hole that was only about 90 metres slightly downhill.

A guy was on his tee not far from my green. He called me to play and I completely miss-hit my shot which never left the ground and it rolled and rolled onto the green coming to rest a couple of feet from the hole.

The guy looked at me and shook his head. He hit his tee shot onto the wild blue yonder never to be found again.

As we neared each other he turned to see my ball on the green and said "I’m surprised the wind hasn’t blown your ball into the hole."

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