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French Trotting - The Group One Races

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What do the Trainers Think?

With five Group One races on Sunday, trainers will have prepared their horses to peak on the day. We speak to some of the trainers of the main chances and find out how their horses have been working ahead of the big meeting.

Tomas Malmqvist

Invictus Madiba - Prix RMC / Raymond Fouard

"He's ​is very good after his last race and in training and he is only getting better and better for the moment. I hope for top 3 and perhaps a win".

Intuition - Prix du Président de la République

"I am not afraid with her. She is just a lady with ​a good attitude. She is very good in mounted races. Everything is very good in training but she could have ​a different attitude when she goes to the racecourse. I aim for a  4–5th place but I wouldn't be surprised if we will win".

Iron Jet - Prix du Président de la République

" He is good and very good in his last two races. It would be his first monté race in a year so I am also curious how he will handle it but I am quite confident.

Jolly Roger - Prix d'Essai

"He has a little too much energy at the beginning of the races but I have changed the way I train him and all his routines and he seems much calmer now so we cross our fingers and hope for the best on Sunday.

Jazzy Dancer - Prix Albert Viel

His last race was good last time even if he broke his stride. His latest training sessions are promising, and he needs to race to get tough and if he is at his top, he could be 5 or 6th.

Jasmin du Vallon - Prix Albert Viel

He ran nicely last time but he is in much better shape now. I will also make small changes on Sunday and I think he could be in the first three.

Jazzy Perrine - Prix Albert Viel

He is just the same, just as good as usual. I have nothing to change with him and we hope another victory.

Julien Le Mer

Jerusalem - Prix du Président de la République

Jerusalem is better than a fortnight ago. She must run in the back and we can hope to take a third or fourth place in the race by coming to dominate the tired horses in the straight line. The Philippe Allaire's colt goes in front and this should benefit her. We just have to hope that she won't ​have to be in ​the heat.

Ideale du Chene - Prix Albert Viel

Ideale du Chêne is really good. Racing at Caen and Mauquenchy was a good option for her. She ha​d a harness race last time that is less demanding. She is great at work. The risk is that she could have a bad start. Otherwise, I have no concerns.

Charly Mary

Infant Perrine - Prix RMC / Raymond Fouard

Infant Perrine is in very good condition. I don't see him out of the top five. His comeback was very reassuring. You have to face new horses at this level but he has the mindset of Rocky, he is still there, he's a great boxer. I'm going to add blinkers to him on Sunday to increase his chances.

Alexandre Pillon

Jelyson - Prix d'Essai

I am pretty ambitious: Jelyson worked very well and took his last race very well. I think we scored points at the tactical level because we showed that he could go ahead and toughen in the race. His victory by a head can allow us to have a psychological advantage over the competition. We will stick by the same tactical choices by adding some earplugs. With Yoann Lebourgeois in the saddle, I'm sure he'll know how to ride Jelyson in his best interests.

Guillaume Gillot

Hallix - Prix de Normandie

"I focused everything on this race with Hallix. She has been training at Grosbois for the past few weeks and that has given her more energy. She looks very good to me. She ran rather well harnessed, but we remain in doubt because even if she is in good shape, she is currently lacking a good performance. She will race unshod, which only happened once, a year ago when she was 2nd to Hirondelle du Rib in the Prix du President de la République".

Matthieu Abrivard

Gaspard de Brion - Prix de Grasse

"The horse has just made a good seasonal comeback. He will perhaps need another race to be at 100% but in this field, against the 5-year-olds, he could grab a place. The horse looks good to me but I have a doubt that he can be already on top, which would give him a chance ​to win".

Vivid Wise As - Prix René Ballière

"Vivid Wise As ​arrives following a lackluster run in the Elitloppet. He's back at Vincennes which he likes and on 2100 meters which is his distance. I will try to ask him as a single effort and we should not be far from success".

Diego du Canter - Prix de Nesles

"It is a perfect entry for him. Even if he doesn't have a lot of ​performances over 2100m, he stayed well and I'm aiming for the podium"

Richard Westerink

Etonnant - Prix René Ballière

"He is in perfect condition. He recovered very well from his victory in the Elitloppet. We run to win. We were hoping for an outside number behind the mobile start and that's the case with 8, that's what suits him best. After his success in Sweden, it is sure that we run with less pressure".

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