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UK Timeform Ratings

Australia LANKAN RUPEE Mick Price 132
France CIRRUS DES AIGLES Corine Barande-Barbe 129
TREVE Criquette Head-Maarek 129
Germany PROTECTIONIST Andreas Wohler 128
GB KINGMAN John Gosden 134
Hong Kong ABLE FRIEND John Moore 130
DESIGNS ON ROM John Moore 130
Ireland AUSTRALIA Aidan O'Brien 132
Italy PRIORE PHILIP Stefano Botti 121
Japan EPIPHANEIA Katsuhiko Sumii 132
New Zealand IT'S A DUNDEEL Murray Baker 129
USA PALACE MALICE Todd A Pletcher 131

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Timeform Ratings symbols and abbreviations
The following symbols are used with (or sometimes in place of) Timeform Ratings.
p commonly referred to as a small 'p'; the horse is likely to improve
P commonly referred to as a large 'P'; the horse is capable of much better
+ the horse may be better than rated
? the rating is suspect or (used alone) the horse is out of form or cannot be assessed with confidence
§ the 'Timeform squiggle'; the horse is unreliable (for temperamental or other reasons)
§§ the 'double squiggle'; the horse is so unsatisfactory as to be not worth a rating
x a poor jumper
xx so bad a jumper as to be not worth a rating

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