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Gulfstream Park Invests In Horse Care

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This Thursday, Gulfstream Park will unveil its new Tapeta racetrack; bringing horse welfare to the forefront.

Racecourse : Gulfstream Park (USA)
Racecourse : Gulfstream Park (USA) Picture: Mandatory Credit: Matthew Stockman /Allsport

Tapeta brings the best in safety, maintenance, and opportunities for our industry & athletes.

  • High-level safety

Tapeta is a specifically designed cushioned surface that is meant to provide front-end support and hind-end stability for horses

  • Training Benefits

Provides an optional surface for horses to train when the turf is not available

  • Turf Course Protection 

The Tapeta course option allows the turf to rest, requiring less maintenance and assuring that it has optimal conditions during use

  • Easy maintenance

The composition of Tapeta allows for excellent drainage – a positive for both horsemen and the track maintenance team

  • Weather Resistant

Tapeta protects against inclement weather, especially heavy rainfall, which allows horses to continue training and racing on a consistent surface

  • More Opportunities for Horsemen

Tapeta provides more options in the condition book for both horsemen and bettors – especially when races must come off the turf due to weather​​​​​​​

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