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Yuga's father Takayoshi Kawada was a former jockey and a trainer at Saga Racecourse in Japan so racing was in the blood.

He was granted a Japan Racing Association licence in March 2004 and rode his first winner the same month at Hanshin Racecourse.

The breakthrough season came in 2008 when landing his first Classic race and G1 on Captain Thule in the Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas).

Since 2010, has regularly finished among the top 10 jockeys riding on the JRA circuit. Best year came in 2013 when second with 120 wins and had a great 2019.

Has been associated with some of Japan's best horses of recent times, including crack fillies Gentildonna and Harp Star, plus Japan's 2015 Horse of The Year, Maurice.

One of only eight jockeys in JRA history to have won all five Classic races in Japan. Has ridden over 1200 winners in Japan, including 12 at G1 level.

First Runner 07 Mar 2004
Surely Gold (USA)  
Chukyo Dirt (Jpn)  |  Maiden Race
First Win 20 Mar 2004
Homan Rookie (Jpn)
Hanshin Dirt (Jpn)  |  Allowance Race
Best Horse :
PROGNOSIS (Timeform Rating 126)
First Group Win (G1):
CAPTAIN THULE (20 Apr 2008)

Y KAWADA's Career

Latest Rides

FPDateCourseRunnerDivTypeDistancePM AUD $TrainerTime
2 of 1424 Feb 2024RIDADUSHBA TESORO-4UCF CUP1800m$30,364,372N TAKAGI1:49.50
5 of 1424 Feb 2024RIADHECHT-4UCF CUP3000m$3,795,547HIDEYUKI MORI3:04.43
1 of 1124 Feb 2024RIDADREMAKE-3UCF CUP1200m$2,277,328KOICHI SHINTANI1:10.42
6 of 1624 Dec 2023NAKDSOUTHERN ELF$3.13U ALLOW1200m$363,840TADASHIGE NAKAGAWA1:10.30
8 of 1624 Dec 2023NAKASOL ORIENS$5.53U OPEN G12500m$9,826,580T TEZUKA2:30.90
9 of 1624 Dec 2023NAKAFATE$3.23U ALLOW1600m$306,920Y YAHAGI1:33.20
1 of 1617 Dec 2023HANDEMPEROR WAKEA$0.53U ALLOW1400m$364,250HARUKI SUGIYAMA1:23.40
1 of 1717 Dec 2023JHANJANTAR MANTAR$1.72 OPEN G11600m$1,389,640TOMOKAZU TAKANO1:33.80
1 of 1817 Dec 2023JHANDANON TIMPANI$0.63U ALLOW1400m$364,350MITSUMASA NAKAUCHIDA1:20.30
2 of 1217 Dec 2023JHANMIKKI STARDOM$0.92 MDN1600m$107,290H OTONASHI1:35.40

Trainer Statistics

Last 100 Runners
Trainer NameWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RidesPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI
MITSUMASA NAKAUCHIDA 545.5%263.6%11$1,094,7810011$0.85
HARUKI SUGIYAMA 350.0%050.0%6$690,3730010$1.02
Y SHONO 360.0%180.0%5$279,5210000$1.90
KOICHI SHINTANI 228.6%257.1%7$1,611,0320000$0.22
TOMOKAZU TAKANO 266.7%1100.0%3$1,011,8051000$1.47
YUTAKA OKUMURA 2100.0%0100.0%2$415,8780001$7.50
N SUGAI 116.7%366.7%6$196,9180000$0.25
Y TOMOMICHI 125.0%150.0%4$246,8030000$0.68
N TAKAGI 133.3%166.7%3$6,337,5160000$0.57
TAKAYUKI YASUDA 133.3%166.7%3$477,1170010$0.67
TETSUYA KIMURA 150.0%1100.0%2$95,4750000$2.05
Y KATO 150.0%1100.0%2$164,9260000$1.00
Y YAHAGI 150.0%050.0%2$64,3420000$1.30
Y TAKAHASHI 1100.0%0100.0%1$194,1470000$2.30
KEIJI YOSHIMURA 1100.0%0100.0%1$116,7080000$2.20
Trainer NameWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RidesPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI
MITSUMASA NAKAUCHIDA 17629.8%15455.8%591$53,346,651611114$0.90
Y IKEE 11120.7%14147.1%535$37,293,6863661$0.88
H MATSUDA 10214.8%14335.7%687$27,285,7081560$1.34
TAKAYUKI YASUDA 8317.4%12142.7%478$29,213,1273185$0.99
Y TOMOMICHI 7523.8%7748.3%315$22,350,5541511$0.90
I SAMESHIMA 6413.9%12540.9%462$14,593,7080102$0.88
KATSUHIKO SUMII 5315.6%7638.1%339$14,212,8591100$0.90
TOMOKAZU TAKANO 5321.3%7451.0%249$15,566,2392240$1.04
H OTONASHI 5023.9%5851.7%209$12,764,3421104$1.07
N SUGAI 4320.3%6852.4%212$9,449,4190121$0.78
H FUJIWARA 4120.6%5950.3%199$9,267,5910010$0.93
N YOSHIDA 3912.5%6834.4%311$9,152,4661010$0.60
H KAWACHI 3715.7%6844.5%236$6,888,5310000$1.09
Y YAHAGI 3722.6%3543.9%164$13,320,0962116$1.03
R OKUBO 3317.2%5344.8%192$12,989,1570036$0.83

Seasons Summary Statistics

SeasonWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RidesPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI

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