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The racing life of Ciaron Maher began as a jumps jockey in the Warrnambool area. When that path didn't work out he went training both flat and jumps horses.

His first big moment in racing was when Tears I Cry surprised most in the 2007 Cantala Stakes at 100-1 and he soon was also taking feature hurdles and steeples including his freakish horse Al Garhood who took two Grand Annuals.

Jameka would follow as his best to date and following the end of Darren Weir's time in racing, he was given many more from that stable.

He soon combined with David Eustace and in their first season together, expanded their operation around the land, going from strength to strength.

First Runner 01 Aug 2018
Smokin' Bella (Aus)  
Sale (Aus)  |  Sale Ldv (Bm70)
First Win 02 Aug 2018
Reserve Street (Aus)
Pakenham Park Synthetic (Aus)  |  Polytrack (Bm70)
Best Horse :
GOLD TRIP (Timeform Rating 126)
First Group Win (G1):
KENEDNA (13 Apr 2019)


Latest Runners

FPDateCourseRunnerDivTypeDistancePM AUD $JockeyTime
2 of 827 Jan 2024M VSOUTHPORT TYCOON$5.03U OPEN G21200m$350,000CRAIG WILLIAMS1:09.64
3 of 827 Jan 2024M VRECOMMENDATION$3.03U OPEN G21200m$350,000JOHN ALLEN1:09.64
5 of 1227 Jan 2024NCLECOMMAND APPROVED$7.0BM681200m$42,000ANNA ROPER1:11.31
5 of 727 Jan 2024M VWYCLIF$8.53U BM1002040m$150,000TATUM BULL2:06.07
4 of 727 Jan 2024M VMANKAYAN$4.03U BM1002040m$150,000JOHN ALLEN2:06.07
10 of 1027 Jan 2024M VEXTRATWO$2.43UFM BM701200m$80,000TATUM BULL1:10.75
4 of 1327 Jan 2024ELLEHOLYMANZ$14.54 SW1600m$925,926WARREN KENNEDY1:32.53
4 of 927 Jan 2024M VRUNNING BY$1.8BM841600m$130,000JOHN ALLEN1:36.29
1 of 627 Jan 2024RANDGLORY DAZE$2.13U BM881600m$160,000NASH RAWILLER1:37.09
1 of 1227 Jan 2024MOESHUT EYE$8.53U MDN1200m$27,000ETHAN BROWN1:13.34

Jockey Statistics

Last 100 Rides
Jockey NameWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RunnersPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI
JASON COLLETT 436.4%254.5%11$316,7000000$2.60
JOHN ALLEN 216.7%341.7%12$185,3500000$1.21
BLAKE SHINN 266.7%1100.0%3$174,6400010$2.43
DANIEL MOOR 116.7%250.0%6$60,9250000$0.58
DYLAN GIBBONS 116.7%366.7%6$620,1500001$2.33
CRAIG WILLIAMS 125.0%150.0%4$97,8500000$0.66
BEN ALLEN 125.0%150.0%4$32,2650000$2.25
ETHAN BROWN 150.0%1100.0%2$19,4400000$4.25
JAMIE KAH 150.0%1100.0%2$120,2500000$0.70
NASH RAWILLER 1100.0%0100.0%1$82,5000000$2.10
BILLY OWEN 1100.0%0100.0%1$13,2000000$2.60
TATUM BULL 00.0%00.0%3$8,7000000-
CELINE GAUDRAY 00.0%00.0%2$1,9100000-
REGAN BAYLISS 00.0%150.0%2$29,2000000-
MICHAEL DEE 00.0%00.0%2$16,2500000-
Jockey NameWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RunnersPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI
JOHN ALLEN 25119.9%32445.6%1261$19,548,9669356$0.90
HARRY COFFEY 12919.6%15743.5%658$4,445,0760013$0.99
JYE MCNEIL 9819.3%14347.3%509$6,674,9560047$0.83
LINDA MEECH 9623.1%11149.9%415$4,382,7500021$0.90
BEN ALLEN 6521.2%7947.1%306$3,957,3301102$1.02
TEODORE NUGENT 6116.3%10343.7%375$3,972,3550000$0.77
JAMIE KAH 4619.8%5744.4%232$6,039,6242243$0.66
ETHAN BROWN 4620.4%5243.4%226$4,009,0003013$1.11
MARK ZAHRA 4116.1%7344.9%254$10,981,1202325$0.75
JASON COLLETT 4021.3%5248.9%188$5,526,0852002$1.00
JAMES MCDONALD 3634.3%2558.1%105$7,510,3500373$1.28
BEN MELHAM 3424.5%2844.6%139$5,291,1751310$1.49
STEVEN PATEMAN 3343.4%2069.7%76$1,626,9800000$1.08
MATTHEW CARTWRIGHT 3013.3%5537.8%225$2,142,8800000$0.74
MICHAEL POY 2816.7%4141.1%168$1,002,4420000$0.92

Seasons Summary Statistics

SeasonWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RunnersPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI

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