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Matthew Smith paid his way to Ireland to work with trainers in the UK, eventually taking up a position with Aiden O'Brien.

Initially a track rider, Matthew Smith quickly progressed through the ranks to become Aidan's Assistant Trainer, working alongside his quietly spoken mentor for two and a half years as Ballydoyle emerged as the world's premier racing stable.

The opportunity to learn a new style of racehorse preparation in the United States proved tempting and Matthew elected to continue his education as Assistant Trainer for Niall O'Callaghan. With O'Callaghan constantly moving between stables in different states Matthew was left to manage a string of 30 horses and staff.

Smith then moved back to Australia to work as a stable foreman for Bart Cummings for almost five years before taking out his own license with almost a decade of experience behind him.

In 2008 Smith won his first Group race with Krupt in the Todman Stakes, going on to claim his first Group 1 with Hurtle Myrtle in the 2011 Myer Classic.

First Runner 18 Jan 2003
Selliastrike (NZ)  
Newcastle (Aus)  |  Hunter Imaging Group X Ray Mdn
First Win 22 Feb 2003
Adventurous Rose (Aus)
Kembla Grange (Aus)  |  Gymea Tradies Club Hcp (C1)
Best Horse :
FIERCE IMPACT (Timeform Rating 121)
First Group Win (G1):
HURTLE MYRTLE (29 Oct 2011)


Latest Runners

FPDateCourseRunnerDivTypeDistancePM AUD $JockeyTime
3 of 508 Aug 2022GOULGOLDEN FIGHTER$1.5CL21000m$25,000REGAN BAYLISS1:00.85
6 of 1406 Aug 2022RANDMARCHIONESS$133UFM BM781200m$150,000JAY FORD1:11.18
10 of 1206 Aug 2022RANDNIMALEE$9.03U OPEN G21200m$252,000TOMMY BERRY1:10.70
13 of 1406 Aug 2022RANDATTORNEY$1013U OPEN1800m$150,000REGAN BAYLISS1:51.56
6 of 1006 Aug 2022RANDDARALINA BELLE$5.53U BM781300m$150,000WILLIAM PIKE1:19.28
8 of 906 Aug 2022DOOMMILK MAN$17CL61600m$75,000MICHAEL CAHILL1:37.83
3 of 1206 Aug 2022RANDBROWN THOMAS$8.53U BM721800m$100,000BRENTON AVDULLA1:52.83
1 of 706 Aug 2022NCLEMONREAL$1.43U BM682900m$40,000ZAC LLOYD3:21.07
1 of 903 Aug 2022CANTBUENOS NOCHES$9.03 MDN1100m$55,000JOSH PARR1:09.39
4 of 930 Jul 2022RHILSPROUT WINGS$263UFM BM781800m$150,000KATHY O'HARA1:52.51

Jockey Statistics

Last 100 Rides
Jockey NameWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RunnersPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI
B SPRIGGS 426.7%453.3%15$90,4400000$1.11
A MORGAN 320.0%126.7%15$58,8300000$1.54
WILLIAM PIKE 110.0%230.0%10$42,8550000$0.65
REGAN BAYLISS 116.7%366.7%6$43,1500000$0.32
JOSH PARR 150.0%1100.0%2$35,0000000$4.50
H COFFEY 150.0%050.0%2$44,7500000$2.25
MICHAEL CAHILL 150.0%050.0%2$43,7000000$8.00
ZAC LLOYD 1100.0%0100.0%1$19,7000000$1.44
JEAN VAN OVERMEIRE 1100.0%0100.0%1$19,7000000$7.00
JAY FORD 00.0%00.0%6$13,6800000-
JASON COLLETT 00.0%360.0%5$33,0000000-
BRENTON AVDULLA 00.0%125.0%4$20,7000000-
KERRIN MCEVOY 00.0%00.0%3$10,0000000-
REECE JONES 00.0%133.3%3$11,7000000-
KYLE WILSON-TAYLOR 00.0%150.0%2$11,1000000-
Jockey NameWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RunnersPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI
JAY FORD 4310.5%9433.4%410$1,594,8420000$0.68
JEFF PENZA 2716.4%3738.8%165$441,1150000$0.88
KATHY O'HARA 2312.2%3932.8%189$1,033,7700011$1.14
B SPRIGGS 2316.4%4145.7%140$559,7100000$0.65
MITCHELL BELL 2012.1%3633.9%165$401,5900000$0.66
JASON COLLETT 1911.0%5543.0%172$1,498,6100011$0.50
GRANT BUCKLEY 189.5%4935.3%190$361,5200000$0.50
GREG RYAN 1725.8%2056.1%66$276,5150000$0.97
BLAIKE MCDOUGALL 1523.4%1750.0%64$251,7750000$0.82
HUGH BOWMAN 1418.2%1639.0%77$592,3600100$1.11
BLAKE SHINN 1217.6%2148.5%68$444,1150000$1.16
TIM CLARK 1114.7%1230.7%75$534,9400010$1.34
TOMMY BERRY 1014.7%1638.2%68$310,6250000$1.40
DYLAN GIBBONS 1018.9%1139.6%53$297,7420010$1.17
NICK HEYWOOD 1026.3%1155.3%38$250,5000000$1.42

Seasons Summary Statistics

SeasonWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RunnersPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI