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  • Australia

Phillip Stokes began his career as a jockey at the age of 15 before weight got the better of him.
Stokes then decided to travel the world gaining valuable knowledge, working alongside Bill Mott in America, John Hammond in France and 10 years in Japan at Taiki Farm.
Returning to Australia to start training in his own right, Stokes has worked his way through the ranks to become a leading trainer in South Australia.

His black type success has been outstanding with an admirable Stakes record, included in these results are three G1 victories being Marju Snip and Maybe Discreet both in the Australasian Oaks and more recently the $1 million dollar performer, Hucklebuck winning the Emirates Stakes on the final day of the Flemington Spring Carnival in 2014.

In 2013/2014 Phillip won his first South Australian Metropolitan trainers premiership with 55 winners by a margin of 18 to the next trainer.

First Runner 12 Feb 2000
Zipper King (Aus)  
Cheltenham (Aus)  |  3Yo Handicap
First Win 10 Jul 2000
Paris Duo (Aus)
Mildura (Aus)  |  Open Handicap
Best Horse :
MR QUICKIE (Timeform Rating 121)
First Group Win (G1):
MARJU SNIP (29 Apr 2006)


Latest Runners

FPDateCourseRunnerDivTypeDistancePM AUD $JockeyTime
6 of 822 Jun 2022CRANIMPRESSIVE LASS$4.32UFM BM701300m$35,000DANIEL STACKHOUSE1:21.98
4 of 1022 Jun 2022GAWLMISS KERMIE$262U MDN1200m$21,800MS C JONES1:16.79
1 of 922 Jun 2022GAWLSEA OF SECRETS$2.12U MDN1719m$21,800MS C JONES1:52.03
3 of 1121 Jun 2022PAKSAPACHE STAR$4.02U BM581400m$25,000VLAD DURIC1:25.60
2 of 921 Jun 2022PAKSBONJOUR BLUE$3.83U MDN2200m$25,000VLAD DURIC2:19.73
4 of 920 Jun 2022BRAALADY WAIRUA$212 MDN1100m$25,000JOSH RICHARDS1:07.49
9 of 1218 Jun 2022MBRGHANABI$2.1BM601000m$40,250KAYLA CROWTHER0:57.56
5 of 918 Jun 2022MBRGTOTALLY DISCREET$6.53 BM681000m$54,750JASON HOLDER0:57.08
2 of 915 Jun 2022SANHMELTDOWN$8.04UM BM701400m$50,000DANIEL MOOR1:27.76
5 of 1013 Jun 2022MBRGYELLOW IDOL$21CL11200m$21,800MS C JONES1:10.76

Jockey Statistics

Last 100 Rides
Jockey NameWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RunnersPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI
ZAC SPAIN 211.8%541.2%17$116,9500000$0.90
SHERIDAN CLARKE 218.2%454.5%11$61,9750000$0.75
MS C JONES 19.1%227.3%11$27,3250000$0.19
BEN ALLEN 111.1%344.4%9$40,0000000$0.28
KAYLA CROWTHER 116.7%133.3%6$45,6850000$3.50
VLAD DURIC 116.7%250.0%6$23,5000000$0.50
DANIEL MOOR 125.0%150.0%4$40,8000000$0.75
ALANA KELLY 00.0%466.7%6$81,1000000-
JAMIE MOTT 00.0%360.0%5$35,9000000-
BEN PRICE 00.0%00.0%4$2,5700000-
JASON HOLDER 00.0%250.0%4$16,7000000-
DANIEL STACKHOUSE 00.0%133.3%3$6,7000000-
BAREND VORSTER 00.0%2100.0%2$7,6500000-
JAKE TOEROEK 00.0%00.0%2$1,8250000-
JYE MCNEIL 00.0%00.0%1$1,0000000-
Jockey NameWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RunnersPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI
DOM TOURNEUR 18619.7%26147.4%944$6,867,32523611$0.85
KAYLA CROWTHER 10022.2%10645.8%450$3,215,1170002$0.88
MATTHEW NEILSON 7221.7%9048.8%332$1,491,8250012$1.03
TROY BAKER 6821.3%8648.1%320$953,8500004$0.89
PAUL GATT 6517.4%10244.8%373$1,232,2500015$0.80
EMILY FINNEGAN 6423.1%6948.0%277$1,494,5650000$0.95
BEN ALLEN 4319.8%5444.7%217$2,222,2400032$1.20
BEN CLARIDGE 3115.0%4737.9%206$632,7050000$0.69
LUKE NOLEN 3115.2%5140.2%204$1,968,6030301$0.73
JASON HOLDER 2622.4%3956.0%116$627,8200002$0.93
GARY LO 2416.6%4144.8%145$653,5400000$0.76
MICHAEL POY 2018.2%2540.9%110$1,239,8860004$1.02
JAKE TOEROEK 1817.1%2944.8%105$466,7850000$0.83
DWAYNE DUNN 1715.9%2741.1%107$583,5250002$0.54
DYLAN CABOCHE 1516.9%2241.6%89$400,0950000$0.67

Seasons Summary Statistics

SeasonWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RunnersPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI