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Accurately Dubbed "The Formguide in a Table", Horsestats is a complete dissection of most relevant form factors as well as an overview of each race itself including the best barriers for the race/distance, summary of the field?s total prizemoney won, the number of wins and the number of starts etc.

For each runner, the table has a rating for the jockey and trainer, prizemoney won in career and over the last 12 months, strike rates for career, over the distance, at the course, in the wet, and the number of days since its last win.

The table also shows whether the horse is facing an easier or tougher field than last time, whether the horse is up or down in distance, days since last start, the number of runs it has had this preparation and the total distance it has covered in races, the horse's minimum and maximum distance, where the horse usually take a position in the field and considerably more.

Horsestats takes out all factors that you could possibly need and displays them in a table ready for easy comparison. In fact, there are so many factors shown that you can spend hours taking them all in or simply take the factors you consider to be the key to the race and you have an immediate comparison at your fingertips.

The ideal time saver for keen or casual form enthusiasts.

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